Athens University Closed “until further notice”

    aristotle universityThe Economics and Business Departments of Athens University, one of Greece’s leading educational institutions, have closed on the orders of the senate after the escalation of clashes between police and illegal street vendors who sell their merchandise outside the university campus. According to the senate, the University, which shut down on Wednesday, will remain closed “until further notice”.

    The situation has become aggravated as police try to arrest illegal street vendors, while individuals inside the campus attempt to prevent the officers from doing so by attacking them with missiles when the vendors seek shelter there.

    Despite the 2011 lifting of a ban on police being allowed onto university grounds, the authorities still hesitate to enter the campus, due to concerns about the reactions such a move could elicit.

    It has been suggested that the individuals inside the campus who are protecting the peddlers are extreme leftists, and not members of the student community.


    1. Yet another strike, closure and the students will suffer. The police have CCTV and can identify the troublemakers for immediate expulsion and into the arm forces for a little indoctrination in humility at the end of a boot…or jail. Where is our ND golden boy Kyriakos when we need him.

    2. He is sitting back in his office full of 240, 000 euros worth of furnishings supplied by the Seimans Conmpany. Oh. . .wait, that’s right, he did purchase all that stuff legally. . . he just forgot to make the payments for it, until the shopping list was discovered by watchdogs of the scandal.

      But yes, we are in good hands with this man. Things like the university’s obligation to the students–our future (a severely low priority these years) will be handled appropriately.

      Just count your fingers when you leave his office.

    3. and Dora tried to establish her own party or cult until she discovered it’s a cold and impersonal world beyond the sacred walls of ND. No doubt this family will continue to feed off the party like leeches until ND looks partner PASOK.

    4. Agreed. Perennial bottom feeders, living off the proverbial dregs of the fish tank called politics.