Five New Royal Tombs Discovered in Vergina

Vergina TombsFive new royal tombs have come to light during excavations at the royal necropolis of Aegae, in Northern Greece.

The Temenid burial cluster was found in one corner of the Aegae cemetery. Although looted and partially destroyed, the monuments are impressive evidence of funerary architecture and include portraits of the royal family.

Three of the royal tombs are cists and two are Macedonian. According to the excavator and director of the 17th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Angeliki Kottaridi, one tomb is particularly important, as it shows a large underground room with white walls decorated with painted garlands, fronds, flowers and ivy leaves.

Among the finds were impressive ceramic funerary objects which date back to 420/410 BC and an iron sword believed to belong to King Perdiccas II (454-413 BC), who had fought hard during the Peloponnesian war to keep his kingdom independent.

Another Macedonian tomb with Doric columns was discovered, next to the Ionic tomb excavated in 1987. Its facade is similar to the tomb of Alexander IV, son of Alexander the Great and Roxanne.

Archaeologists are linking the tombs with the Temenid dynasty, the kings of Macedonia, because of their size and shape and the impressive funerary objects found in them. Moreover, one of the graves may have belonged to Cassander himself or to one of his sons, who were also members of Temenid dynasty.

The new findings were presented by Mrs. Kottaridi on March 13, during the 27th meeting covering Archaeological Works in Macedonia and Thrace.


  1. I’m surprised the Skopians haven’t decended on Vergina and claimed it as their nation’s birthplace.

  2. For a people who claim that the Macedonians were a proud non-Greek race with a non-Greek language they have no explanations as to why all tombs that are found have only Greek artifacts and Greek language written in them. I mean if I’m buried I would not want English inscriptions and artifacts in my tomb, but I guess in their minds there was some law that forced the Macedonians to write in Greek instead of the completely unattested language that exists only in slavic minds.

  3. No laws forced anyone, Greek was the language of the learned and trade. In the case of Macedonia it was a part of Greece they spoke and wrote Greek and thankfully remains today a proud part of our country. I heard however that some of the unearthed artifacts in Vergina had carved on the bottom “Made in Skopje”.

  4. Usually a regular fake scopian Macedonfski named <Macedonska Acropola enters this page to claim his false origins.Today he is silent.This is characteristic of the cowardice of the Scopians.When undisputed evidence hits them in the eye then they adopt a different policy. Is called the silence of the fish.


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