Greek Road Among Most Dangerous Worldwide

Most Dangerous Greek RoadA road in Greece is among the 22 most dangerous roads in the world, according to the British company Driving Experiences.

The list has been compiled after taking into account various parameters such as the state of the road surface, potential absence of guard rails and fatal accidents that have happened on the road. It also offers a risk degree from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most dangerous.

According to the list, the most dangerous Greek road is the provincial road that connects the villages of Patiopoulo and Perdikaki in the municipality of Aitoloakarnania. The Greek road gets 6 out of 10 on the Fear Factor scale. It has been described as “a steep climb or descent with minimal grip due to the loose gravel surface riddled with enormous potholes.” It is also very narrow, with no guard rails or road signs. This road has also been included in the 10 most dangerous roads list of the Association for Safe International Road Travel.

Ranking first on the list, receiving 10 out of 10, was the North Yungas road in Bolivia, also known as the “road of death.” The road that crosses the Fairy Meadows national park in Pakistan ranked second on the list.

Also among the 22 most dangerous roads are the Pan-American highway from Alaska to South America, the Trans-Siberian road in Russia, Commonwealth Avenue in the Philippines, the Skippers Canyon road in New Zealand and the Rovodia de Morte (Highway of Death) in Brazil.


  1. Government officials should have driven this road, it ends abruptly at a fiscal cliff. After tripling tolls one would think the revenue would be utilized to improve secondary roads.

  2. Fortunately no wood burning induced smog or the kill rate would have been MUCH higher. Looking closely at the photo there is a person walking, probably a crash survivor looking for help.