Greeks Appear Undecided About Elections

election pollsAs far as polls are concerned the electoral field has been converted into a tight knot for all parties, since it appears that people are still undecided.

Two new polls that were published today, essentially show that the undecided vote comes first and by a wide margin.

The undecided, the blank and the invalid votes reached 41% in Public Issue’s poll, while the University of Macedonia survey showed a total of 21% undecided votes.

According to the poll conducted by Public Issue, concerning the elections for the European Parliament, SYRIZA gathered 15.5%, the same as New Democracy.

Stavros Theodorakis’ party, To Potami, comes third with 7%, followed by the Communist Party with 5%, Golden Dawn with 4.5%, PASOK with 3.5%, the Independent Greeks with 2.5% and Democratic Left (DIMAR) with 1.5%.

In a poll published by the University of Macedonia, the numbers are very different. They show SYRIZA taking the lead by 5 points, while To Potami is just half a point short of reaching New Democracy.

In detail the poll showed SYRIZA with 18.5%, while New Democracy only got 13.5% and Stavros Theodorakis’ party 13%.

Golden Dawn had a high rate of 9% and the Communist Party 8%, followed by Elia with 4.5%, DIMAR with 2% and the Independent Greeks with 1.5% seem to have lost a large amount of voters.


  1. The overwhelming majority of that 41% of undecided, blank and invalid votes in the Public Issue poll are actually Golden Dawn supporters who are afraid to admit to pollsters that they support Golden Dawn due to the campaign of terror conducted against the Golden Dawn political party by the desperate, fading Venizelos-Samaras Junta. May is coming!

  2. For the upstart newborn To Potami to make inroads on the center-left indicates weakness and indecision of the electorate. Voter fatigue has set in as has apathy which are grave signs of capitulation by the Left lost trying to regain traction without a leader with vision. On the center-right not much different than their aging counterparts. Both sides are worn out and overdue for retirement. Pollsters seldom push the supposed indecisive for an opinion or leaning that would provide valuable insight which way the intend to vote. Many are reluctant to publically state they are sympathetic towards any party while confidentially stating they support anything but the status quo..