Model United Nations Conference in Thessaloniki


450 students from 32 public and private Greek, Turkish and Italian schools, are participating in the 12th Model United Nations (MUN) which started on Thursday, March 13, in Thessaloniki, Greece, organized by the Aristotelio College.

The three-day conference (March 13-15) is a simulation of UN meetings, where the students are invited to act as diplomats representing various countries.

By organizing the 12th Model United Nations, the Aristotelio College of Thessaloniki  seeks to provide an opportunity for teens to explore and discuss issues of concern to modern society such as the economic recession, environmental pollution, hunger, unemployment, equality, terrorism and education.

Using the power of persuasion and argument, teenagers will be negotiating, expressing opinions and support for them. Through the conference, which is held in English, participants also have the opportunity to approach basic principles in the official language of diplomacy, while the aim is to understand the problems that exist around the world.

“The MUN is one of the most innovative actions which has been included in the Aristotelio College’s program meeting the requirements of our times. The aim is to develop an integrated citizen of tomorrow,” stated the college’s headmaster Christos Gkrozoudis.

At this year’s 12th MUN 409 students from 28 Greek schools are participating, along with 16 students from three Turkish schools and 25 students from an Italian school.


  1. Once the kiddies learn how badly corrupt the UN is the sooner the problems will be fixed or better end this charade of compassion. Syrians are entering their fourth year of civil war and the refugees are in a sad state, all while UN Refugee Agency High Commissioner Antonio Guterres pontificates about the treatment of illegals entering Greece, and Baroness Valerie Amos UN Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator attends high society events. The UN is totally detached from reality and another example to the kiddies what the EU is all about.

  2. Case in point… the UN “human rights council” has shown it can be against the very human rights it purports to defend The Islamic theocracy elements in the “human rights” council wants to pass global laws against blasphemy! (stone age thinking that puts Islamic sensitivities to criticism ahead of free speech)

    Unfortunately many of our leftists are imbeciles that hear the words ‘human rights’ and immediately throw their brains out the window.

    In my opinion, any organization that manipulatively and self-righteously frames itself as a “human rights” organization, is implicitly engaged in fraud. What they are trying to do is silence opposing voices since if you condemn them on some issue you are automatically slandered as being against human rights (rather than in opposition to their personal political beliefs on that issue)

    They are trying to manipulatively make their beliefs as being a synonym with ethics. A new unaccountable priest class that can’t be criticized without being demonized.


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