Golden Dawn MP Quits, Cites “Criminal” Acts

Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos said he didn't know what Golden Dawn was doing
Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos said he didn’t know what Golden Dawn was doing

Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos, one of 18 Members of Parliament for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party whose leaders have been arrested on charges of running a criminal organization,  has resigned after saying he was not aware of its activities.

Alexopoulos, who represents the party in Larissa in central Greece, said he would stay in Parliament as an Independent. Nine of the party’s MPS have been charged already and Parliament is considering revoking immunity for the rest so they can be prosecuted as the government tries to dismantle the extremist organization.

In a letter addressed to House speaker Evangelos Meimarakis, Alexopoulos said he had not been aware of Golden Dawn’s “criminal activities” that emerged from an ongoing judicial probe into the party.

“I reached this decision following a series of revelations regarding the activities of [GD] members, which have been defined as criminal, and which naturally I had no knowledge of,” he wrote, adding that he and fellow comrades condemned these alleged acts. He said that he should have spoken out earlier but did not do so for reasons he would clarify at a later date.

Golden Dawn’s remaining 17 lawmakers responded by calling Alexopoulos a “liar,” ”defamer” and “coward” and calling on him to resign after he had already quit

According to a resume posted on his personal website, now taken down, Alexopoulos joined Golden Dawn in 1996.

Greece’s financial crisis helped Golden Dawn gain nearly 7 per cent of the vote and 18 seats in Greece’s 300-member Parliament but its popularity has waned since the murder of an anti-fascist hip-hop artist in September 2013 for which a man linked to the party was charged. That set off  government crackdown against the group.



  1. Yes when there was no order they sat and debated. and like the ancient times where there was unrest and no unity there was sickness and immoral behavior going on as well. But for Greece to be the one of the first nations to actually consider banning Homosexuality (in which they did in many city-states! Thank God) spoke how important it is understanding that even in ancient times it was considered IMmoral. like Golden Dawn has pointed out today compared to the ANTI-Hellenic democrats and communists who want it all out in the open , the perverts they are!

  2. and your not a disgrace for supporting the GD leader for being in jail? Proves how you support a democrat like Samaras. Who has broken many of his own laws. just wait and see more harm will come to Greece in the name of “democracy”.
    Did you ever answer my questions on what Fascism is? still waiting!

  3. ummmm we tried the debating part for 2 decades with great results I see over the name of Makedonia. The democratic way proved to give great results. hahaha

  4. And what will GD achieve? They can’t even muster the support to keep their glorious leader out of jail much less do anything more than idiotically offer FYROM even more propaganda fodder.

  5. Sure. Because there is no “immoral behavior’ if fascist monsters run things. Get a grip. Fascism is an evil ideology. Some of most brutal crimes in human history were committed by fascists.

    Sparta didn’t ban homosexuality. Neither did Athens. Neither did Macedonia. These were the biggest champions of hellenism. The antihellenic thugs of Golden Dawn, much like the fascists and Taliban, would have banned such art.

  6. Do you even know how the govt runs in Greece? Samaras jailed them. He is the top pig in Greece for now. Trust me he wont be re-elected. The longer the GD patriots remain in jail the more powerful they will become. Remember these words I tell you.
    GD were the only ones who had the guts to actually do something to stop the skopjans from making a mockery out of our own country within our borders. Where were the democrats then? sta cafenia? or bouzoukia?

  7. I support samaras because he’s the best we currently have not because i agree with everything he says. Unlike you I haven’t made a cult of a polical party.

  8. If you think Samaras is a bigger threat to Greece than the communists that lobby for illegals, you are deranged and irrational.

  9. Nothing is perfect but at least they really try the most!
    still waiting on the responses to so many of my questions. about Metaxas and about the politics of how a govt runs under Fascism. How about you getting a grip and answer some of the questions.
    lets take it one at a time, what do you have to say about the video I linked?

  10. Samaras is the biggest threat because he is in power. Hellllloooooo. The communists are at their usual 3-5% and will always remain that way. samaras is playing the card against the illegals in hopes to lure support away from the peoples party. Like I said before he is a conniving pig

  11. Helloooooo… Syriza is run by a communist. All GD are achieving is giving the leftists a chance to win the next election (who will open the floodgates for illegals even more).

    GD has ZERO chance of running Greece. Zero. It simply lacks the support and has destroyed any hope of even being part of a coalition government by pursuing fascism. Most of its leadership will be lucky if they avoid hard jail time.

    I can guarantee hardcore facists follower like you are being carefully monitored by security services. You will slip up and do something stupid which will land you in jail.

  12. There we have it, so at least you admit it. And no I am not a cultist. I just want this farce called democracy to die! At least the GD sticks with its platform. unlike samaras. Mr. New democracy or was he Politiki Anixi? I remember well how he jumped ship back in the 90s and formed his own political party- the useless Political spring. as useless as he was then he is just evil now!

  13. he is a Trotskyist neo Bolshevik who is trying to be progressive by not using the word communist in hopes to gain the top votes but he is sliding already because he is actually slowly coming to terms with your buddy samaras. In the end his party will split again (it is a coalition just in case you didn’t know- and they do not all see each other eye to eye).

  14. How about you getting a grip and understand the vast majority of Greeks strongly oppose fascism. How about you getting a grip and paying attention to the fact your leader in jail and your antidemocratic party is about to be banned. Fascism is evil. Its followers are evil.


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