Greek State Achieves Primary Surplus of 1.68 Billion Euros

Euros_573_355The Greek State budget showed a primary surplus of 221 million euros during the first two months of 2014, according to data from the Bank of Greece.

According to these figures, at the central government level the result was a surplus from a deficit of 1.395 billion euros in the corresponding period last year.

The primary surplus on a cash basis was at 1.681 billion euros, while last year a 188 million euro deficit was recorded.

This development reflects the tactical budget revenue which increased this year to 7.951 billion euros from last year’s 7.5 billion euros . Meanwhile, the tactical budget’s expenditures for the first two months of 2014 was 8.547 billion euros, while for the same period last year the amount of expenditures stood at 9.317 billion euros. This year’s expenditure includes the amount of 20 million euros that was used to repay overdue debts.


  1. From where this 1.68 Billion Surplus from??? Can someone with sound mind tells me please??? I don’t believe an inch of this surplus exist…

  2. The numbers are being carefully reviewed by EU. While the final figure may be a little different due to accounting practices it should be close.

    Populists that hate Samaras irrational would prefer he failed than acknowledge progress. They would rather harm our country than admit that Samaras is doing a good job. (people that care more about their egos than our country)