Onassis: When Bankrupt Germany Greeted Him With Greek Flags

Onasis_GermanOn March 15 1975, at the age of 69, Aristotle Onassis, one of the most famous Greeks in the world, passed away.

His story is a true legend. He had contacts and friends in the world’s most powerful circles. Many of his friends enjoyed his Greek hospitality on his famous yacht CHRISTINA. Among them was Sir Winston Churchill.

Onassis was able to create an empire and become the man who everyone “loved to hate,” the most powerful on the planet. His name became synonymous with the story of success, not only in his extended business circle but in the mind of almost every person of that era. As a young man from a wealthy family, he was preparing to study at the University of Oxford when he found himself waiting in line in one of Athens’ soup kitchens. He decided to migrate to Buenos Aires with only 100 dollars in his pocket.

The story of Onassis proves that one man can conquer the world without violence and weapons, as long as he has the right “ammunition” at his disposal: wit, skill – and, of course, money brought on by using your skills in all the right ways.

After the death of his son, Onassis lost all interest in business investments and two years later, on March 15 1975, he passed away in a hospital in Paris suffering from a disease called myasthenia gravis. The man who wanted it all, and conquered it all, ended up losing the most important thing in his life.

Here you can watch a video where Onassis visited the then bankrupt Germans who greeted him with Greek flags raised in their shipping yards, where Onassis “built” 30 oil tankers!



  1. It is highly questionable that “everyone loved to hate” Onassis. Rather they particularly the Left, were envious especially after he married the widow Kennedy. He wasn’t handsome, an actor or a television personality, but was a shrewd and lucky businessman that enjoyed success beyond his dreams and suffered many tragedies in his life that sadly lead to his demise from an unscientific broken heart. We should learn from those halcyon days when Greeks were respected for their independence, enterprise, charisma and most importantly recognized around the world. “Please no dancing in the aisles” so famously advertised on Olympic Airways resides in our hearts and minds of a once great empire. It’s about time for us to be great again.

  2. Well written!!I live in Mykonos and hear the Zorba in my veins where they filmed the legend and know the bars he used to hang out! The world forgets these seriously intelligent Business people which made the whole world shake in their pants as Onassis was holding the trump card to Oil Tankers! Personally though he should have stayed with Maria!! more romantic and perhaps lived better!

  3. Personally I think he would have been much better off staying with Athina Livanos before messing with Maria and the wheeling-dealing Jackie and Ted.. Certainly for their children Alexander and Christina the public sordid break up didn’t help. Rumors circulated that Ari blamed her husband Stavros Niarchos for her untimely passing from a drug overdose. Although Onassis already had amassed fortune, the big money came after the Suez Canal closure 1967-75 which greatly extended shipping routes from the Arabian Gulf to Europe creating huge demand for crude oil tankers. Two to three roundtrips a newly built ship was paid.

  4. Sir Winston Churchill was a great philhellene. Unfortunately modern British like David Cameron are the exact opposite. He is virulently anti-Greek (even lobbies for the Skopian propagandists trying to ethnically delete us). He took what used to be a great friendship and into slowly turning us into enemies.

  5. I agree with hash. A well written post.

    However “to be great again” requires more than talk. It requires actions. If those actions are to irrationally destabilize our own government with communist and fascist extremists waiting in the wings, we are moving the exact opposite direction.

  6. All those ingredients were there at the time of Onassis life including the Junta. The welfare state was just starting on a role with piles of regulations and income redistribution creating a state of dependency. To be great again will require great sacrifice, and a healthy amount independence and national pride which at the moment are in short supply.

  7. The welfare state started after the Juntu. The Junta was wrong but the leftists that followed also went to extremes. Inch by inch we buried ourselves in the socialist nightmare of debt and bureaucracy (even ND that was supposed to be “right wing” contributed to this).

    National pride comes after accomplishment not before. I completely agree with you we need to be more independent but again I point to those that argue against a government making cuts (which effectively promotes independence)

    Parties like GD and Syriza fight cuts tooth and nail. They have learned to be parasites. Their problem is rather than expend effort to learn to play the game (which they can then use to make Greece strong) they sit at the sidelines whining about successful players.

  8. Don’t forget, for the “leftwing” being a super-rich magnate is okey only when you are Jewish. Saudis and Qatari despots can be tolerated but Yahvee forbid a “White” Christian European, especially one that lost almost al his family fortune to Muslim pillagers, becomes an influential philanthrope through merit and commercial genius inherited by his ancestors.