New Polls Cause Stir in Greek Political Scene

poll_3Recent opinion polls have been a cause for irritation for the leadership of SYRIZA. The polls that have been published during the last 24 hours show contradictory estimates and a halting of the momentum that the party has developed.

A poll by Public Issue for the Greek newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton shows SYRIZA just half a point ahead of New Democracy, while the University of Macedonia shows SYRIZA as being 5 points ahead of New Democracy. Furthermore, Stavros Theodorakis’ party, To Potami according to polls has been gaining momentum, which may be deliberately confusing the public opinion.

“To Potami” has proved to be a versatile party and it has already conquered third place in the political parties ranking for the EP election. Specifically, the polls show that the party went from 5.7% to 8.8% in just one week.

According to the survey conducted by Alco company, To Potami is now flirting with double digits, estimating its votes at 9.8%.

In detail, the intention vote poll shows that SYRIZA was first with 19.1%, followed by New Democracy with 18%, PASOK (ELIA) 5.1%, To Potami with 8.8%, Golden Dawn 6.9%, the Communist Party KKE 5%, the Independent Greeks 4.5%, the Democratic Left (DIMAR) 2.2% and finally, ANTARSYA at 1.4%. Moreover, 5.2% stated they would like to vote for a different party and a very strong 23.8% of the voters said they were undecided or they would abstain from voting or that they cast a blank vote.

When asked who voters think should be the next Greek Prime minister, Samaras or Tsipras, 35% said that Antonis Samaras should remain incumbent, 28% said that Tsipras should be Prime Minister and 32% voted for none of the above.


  1. The REAL issue is where is the support for To Potami coming from PASOK, SYRIZA, others? Pollsters should ask where is this miraculous surge coming from. Conspiracy aside, ND must be thrilled the Left is cannibalizing itself all while their opponent on the Right is being jailed faster than rogue bankers. If it were up speculation one would believe ND is backing the new upstart party any way they can.

  2. Potami vote is coming from Syriza (more moderate leftists that have finally woken up to the fact Tsipiras is a communist not a liberal or socialist). However most of Syriza’s supporters are former Pasok voters (who ridiculously pretend they didn’t use to wildly support Pasok for decades).

    ND itself was cannibalized by GD and independent Greeks. (who also pretend they had nothing to do with past governments)

    In my opinion, the exodus of extremists from ND and Pasok is actually the demographic that is mostly responsible for caused our debt problems. Shameless fanatics that expect to live off the government and want all sorts of union and special interest protections that lead to our massive bureaucracy.

    From economic standpoint ND and Pasok are now behaving responsibly by trying to balance our budgets (rather than appeasing populists) where all the anti-austerity fanatics act just like they did before our debt crisis. Doubling down on their stupidity by voting for communists and fascists. Still shamelessly waiting around for the government to fix our economy.

  3. I believe the polls indicate dissatisfaction with all established parties and deep rooted distrust of ND and PASOK the two parties that have ruled Greece for forty years. If you summarize the polling result you can see a majority of Greeks oppose them and many are reluctant to say which party they support underscoring the distrust, fatigue and apathy. This could be better ascertained by focused push-polls. Overall I’d say based upon world events the media campaign and polling results we’re in for a wild ride right up to election day.

  4. The majority of Greeks also oppose GD. The majority of Greeks also oppose communists. Polls suggest division not inherent love of the former Pasok and ND supporters that now vote for other parties while self-righteously pretending they didn’t support one of these two parties.

  5. “Now that Pasok and ND are behaving responsibly” record unemployment of 27.5%just hit of as well as record debt/gdp of 176% at 31/12/13

    “when they very well know our government doesn’t have money.” except for hundreds of billions in bailouts for foreign banks

    ND/PASOK voters are the ones who don’t want the euro $ spigot to end. they are the ones with euro denominated bank accounts over seas that were placed there for the avoidance of taxes with ND/PASOK’s blessing. they are the ones who are the protected nepotistic class that hold high paying government jobs/contracts with full benefits to this day. they are the ones that don’t want the handouts to end.

    reality and facts are not in your favor thus why you present strawman argument after strawman argument

  6. The employment is the aftermath of loss of confidence and absolutely necessary government cuts. (seeing as we buried ourselves in massive debt)

    The incompetent patronizing populist extremists that are against cuts never explain whom exactly is going to provide their handouts. They just rant and rant.

  7. their greatest mistakes came after the economic crisis that they caused. the numbers speak for themselves

    it’s quite simple actually. there should have been no bailouts ever. so all handouts both for banks and anyone else (govt wokers for example) should have ended right there. since the government decided to go down the road of bailouts (while ceding autonomy to northern europe and other foreign entities), those resources should have been allocated accordingly to productive parts of the economy, not paper pushing parasitic entities in other countries that decided to lever up their worthless assets 50:1 + and engage in trillions of derivative transactions (like deutsche bank with the largest derivative exposure in the world). why no mention ever of the largest leeches of all – the banks that depend on trillions of bailouts in one form or another? 85% of Greece’s bailout has gone outside the country, and the remaining 15% is hardly all for the “leeches” you keep on ranting about in typical strawman fashion. Let’s not forget that 80% + of the taxes that should have been collected in Greece were not. Let’s not forget that a large part of Greece’s spending was on military and other non-welfare related payments (olympics). Let’s not forget that it was not just welfare payments that contributed to the debt. Let’s not forget that it is still those same ND/PASOK voters voting for the status quo who continue to get those same nepotistic welfare benefits and preferential tax (or lack there of) treatment. Greece will be fixed when this madness ends. As long as She is used as a pass through conduit vehicle for the bailout of other entities while simultaneously taking orders from the heads of these entities for THEIR problems, Greece will NEVER be fixed.

  8. Not true. The biggest mistake was borrowing billions we couldn’t pay back. The subsequent fallout was unavoidable

    The status quo would have been to continue reckless spending money we don’t have. ND and Pasok clearly aren’t supporting the status quo. The people that are supporting the status quo are the incompetent former Pasok and ND supporters that are upset their government gravy train has ended.

    The ones that oppose government cuts are the real problem with Greece. Still shamelessly demanding government handouts as if nothing has happened. Who will pay for their handouts they never explain.