Latest Ruckus Within Golden Dawn

kasidiaris-The departure of Larissa’s MP Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos from Golden Dawn and his decision to become independent has unleashed a storm of reaction that is a causing ruckus within the outlawed party, since it is expected to create a domino effect and lead to more MP departures.

Furthermore, the situation within Golden Dawn is explosive because the departure of Alexopoulos was accompanied by complaints and confessions about the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and the criminal activity of certain members. At the same time, seeing that more people are planning to follow Alexopoulos’ example, the party’s faithful are starting to use words such as “traitor” and “Judas” to describe their former peers.

Alexopoulos’ letter of independence brought to light a civil war that was raging inside the “black gang,” after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and the imprisonment of their leaders (Nikos Michaloliakos and Christos Pappas) with the allegation of involvement in a criminal organization.

In his letter of departure, Alexopoulos claims he “was not aware of Golden Dawn’s criminal actions” and that he regrets not acting. “I made this decision because my conscience will not let me correlate my patriotic and nationalistic ideas with such actions.”


  1. We all make mistakes at times If GD supporters distance themselves from the party’s, racism and violence and limit themselves to principled patriotism (that certainly doesn’t require we go to the extreme of the foreign ideology of fascism), we should take them back into the fold.

    Only the fanatics that continue to support the Hitler loving Michaloliakos should we relentlessly smash until GD is black footnote in Greek history. They undermine the security of our country because every thing they support…even the things they are right about like the Skopian issue and illegals…will end up being framed as “fascism”.

  2. Golden Dawn released the following statement: “We will not concern ourselves with Mr Alexopoulos any more. We have more important things to worry about. And the most important is to tear down the rotten establishment.”

    By the way, anyone thinking that other Golden Dawn MP’s are considering resigning should produce some evidence otherwise they are engaging in desperate wishfull thinking. Golden Dawn has had one solitary MP resign after 6 months of relelentless state persecution. This has zero impact on Golden Dawns electoral campaign, nor on their ability to operate. Take a look at the New Democracy-Pasok coalition regime. When the New Democracy-Pasok coalition regime was first formed in June 2012 it controlled 179 seats out of the 300 seat parliament. Less than two years later after a series of resignations and MP’s being sacked by Venizelos and Samaras, it has been reduced to controlling 153 seats and being a mere 3 MP resignations away from being forced to call new national elections.

  3. Latest poll results from a well respected news and polling agency show Golden Dawn coming first in the EU parliamentary elections, with New Democracy a distant fourth. It’s worth noting that has been accurately predicting polls for many years, and was the only polling agency to accurately predict what Golden Dawn would recieve in May and June 2012.

    The results to the question, “If EU parliamentary elections were held this Sunday who would you vote for yielded the following results. Unsurprisingly Golden Dawn polled first with 25.1%
    May is coming!!!

    Η Χρυσή Αυγή συγκεντρώνει 25,1%, ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ ακολουθεί με 20,8%, τρίτο κόμμα με 14% έρχεται το «Ποτάμι» και για πρώτη φορά μονοψήφιο ποσοστό καταλαμβάνει η Νέα Δημοκρατία με 9,4%. Το ΚΚΕ αποσπά 5,1%, το ΕΠΑΜ 4,6%, οι ΑΝ.ΕΛ. 3,3%, ενώ ΠΑΣΟΚ και ΕΛΙΑ μαζί έχουν μόλις 2,2%.

  4. At last check 153 seats is far more than fascist oriented Golden Dawn who not only has zero chance of taking control of our government but is likely to be completely banned as a fascist terrorist organization.


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