Golden Dawn Ditches MP

Stathis Boukaras is with Golden Dawn no more
Stathis Boukaras is with Golden Dawn no more

Greece’s ultra right-wing Golden Dawn party is down to 16 Members of Parliament after ejecting one of its lawmakers, only days after another quit because he said he didn’t know of its “criminal activities” as the government tries to dismantle it.

The party said it was booting Stathis Boukouras, but did not give a reason. If Boukouras refuses to give up his seat, Golden Dawn will be left with 16 seats in the 300-member Parliament.

Boukouras is among several Golden Dawn officials, including the party’s leader, who are in jail pending trial on charges of participating in a criminal organization.

Authorities began a crackdown after last year’s fatal stabbing of an anti-fascist musician by a Golden Dawn supporter in Athens. On March 15,  the party lost another MP when Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos quit, citing what he said was its criminal activities. He said he would be standing as an independent.

Golden Dawn’s decision came after Boukouras had suggested he too was thinking of quitting the party, which is currently under criminal investigation with one-third of its MPs, including Boukouras and leader Nikos Michaloliakos, in pre-trial custody.


  1. ALL political parties on occasion sack MP’s over disagreements, for not fullfilling their obligations, and for a whole variety of reasons. New Democracy is no stranger to sacking its own MP’s. In October 2012, when New Democracy MP Nikos Stavrogiannis said that he could not in good conscience, vote for measures that hurt the poorest families, Samaras SACKED him. Or how about in December 2013 when Antonis Samaras EXPELLED New Democracy MP Byron Polydoras after he refused to back the new tax law demanded by Greece’s lenders.

  2. You claimed only one MP was leaving. Whoops. Wrong again.

    At least they have the common sense to jump ship rather than continue to pray to a cult of fascist thugs.

  3. At least he had the common sense to become more moderate . . ..

    Moderates have consistently proven their worthlessness. Greece’s problems are extreme. Moderates are of no use even in good times.

    Your poll claims of 25% are ridiculous fantasies of unscientific polls.

    In what way is that poll unscientific?

  4. Well considering virtually every other poll shows less than 10% how someone arrives at a whopping “25%” is absurd. Fantasizing poll results will not produce them. It only shows further poor judgement.

    As for moderate it means different things to different people. To a communist or “human rights” NGO “moderate” means open borders and prejudice towards Greeks. To a fascist “moderate” might be a pogrom of everyone non-Greek.

    Moderate in my context would be moderate immigration that is done through a careful selection process (only pick people that are Hellenic friendly and can contribute). Most of the people that sneak across our borders should be forcibly expelled (the only exceptions being war refugees but they should only be allowed to stay if they agree to leave once the conflict ends).

    If our government doesn’t do this we should be hostile to them at every corner (but not violent like GD) . We should also boycott any business or individuals in Greece that do business with illegals or Skopians (e.g. we could publicly shame them with websites listing their names and locations so other Greeks would know not to do business with them)

  5. Unscientific polls? Clearly you HAVE NO IDEA about the methods employed by when it conducts polls. utilises a list of several thousand persons who were registered roughly 10 years ago, i.e. at a time when Golden Dawn was barely polling close to 0%. All of those registered participants were more or less voting New Democracy and PASOK at that time. Today these same individuals voted 25.1% in support of Golden Dawn. Given has been using the same list of people for over a decade I would say that this suggests the poll is legitimate and accurate, and indeed this was proven at the May and June 2012 national elections.

  6. utilises a list of several thousand persons who were registered roughly 10 years ago, i.e. at a time when Golden Dawn was basically polling at around 0%. All of those registered participants were more or less voting New Democracy and PASOK at that time. Today these same individuals voted 25.1% in support of Golden Dawn. Given has been using the same list of people for over a decade I would say that this suggests the poll is legitimate and accurate. was the only organizations to accurately predict what Golden Dawn would score in May and June 2012. The commenter “Leftist Treason” is clueless. Nevermind. May is coming! It is certain that Golden Dawn will be either the 1st or 2nd most popular party in these elections. New Democracy is finished.

  7. A total of 26 NEW DEMOCRACY and PASOK MP’s have either RESIGNED, or have been SACKED since June 2012. That must be a record in Greece’s political history.

  8. One would think by now we should not relate to hanging fascists like they did in Nuremburg (actually Spandau, Berlin) or Jews giving up their people to the Gestapo. But there are some that are single issue uber-Nationalists that cannot bring themselves to admit it and instead suggest others are cowards for not agreeing with them. The world is their way and none other. I do not believe Nationalism and Totalitarianism are one and the same.

  9. Greek journalist, Aris Spinos, confessed that he quit his job as a TV presenter on a Greek TV station because he ‘received orders’ to publish falsified poll results. According to him the numbers of Golden Dawn were cut in half in order to make it look as if the party is not growing. Spinos said that he would rather sell shoes in the market than deliberately spread lies on television. Other similar cases have been reported.

  10. Right right. According to you.

    1. a democratically elected government is a “juntu” — when in fact it is GD that want a dictatorship.

    2. Golden Dawn has 25 percent support — when its probably around 7 percent (a fraction of that of our coalition government)
    3. You are about to take over the universe — when your leader is jail and your party is soon to be outlawed.

    May is indeed coming. In May you will once again have a dismal showing. The only party you help with your rhetoric is communist Syriza. Golden Dawn is a dead party.

  11. You make a good point that patriotism and totalitarianism are not the same thing (the mistake GD make). However you are wrong to think that there isn’t very real treason and cowardice going on in Greece.

    Every Greek can see the Skopians obvious irredentism and sudden identity change into “ancient Macedonians”. Every Greek can see the slimy foreigners that continue to collude with them to cover up their shame.

    Greeks that cannot confront FYROM’s apologists on their unprincipled behavior towards us are pseudo-hellenic cowards. Since so many called FYROM “macedonia” the pseudo-hellenes are afraid to stand up against them. Leonidas would not have been afraid.

  12. Even if GD gets only 7% that would still be a good showing for a party that is selectively persecuted by the state, that is running its campaign with its leaders in jail, and that is constantly lied about in the controlled media.

  13. I would agree that the media messages the truth at every corner. However, GD isn’t “persecuted”. When it chose to fight for a fascist dictatorship, it lost its own right to participate in democracy.

    Democracy doesn’t mean someone can do whatever they want. Its a process where differing points of view are allowed to have discourse and subsequently decide matters through a peaceful electoral process (as opposed to have a fascist or communist tyrant deciding everything for us in perpetuity)

  14. However, GD isn’t “persecuted”.

    Sure it is. Why isn’t the Greek state cracking down on the communists and anarchists? Why are they jailing GD leaders on the flimsiest of evidence? It is obvious that GD is singled out because of its ideology, not because of its supposed criminal acts. GD is the only real obstacle to the traitors who run Greece. That is why their leaders are in jail.

  15. In May you will discover you don’t have even close to 25 percent support you claim. In the months and years to come you will discover GD will cease being a political party entirely and be labelled a terrorist organization. This it the price to be paid for being fascist undemocratic thugs trying to do away with democracy.

  16. Red Herring. I agree that the government should be cracking down harder on communists and anarchists. GD was prioritized because it used violence to push for a fascist dictatorship.

    Whilst I disagree with many things our government does (especially with regards to illegal immigration and Skopian issue), it unfortunately is the best option we currently have.

    If we had a rational and principled patriotic party that did a better job protecting our borders I would support it. GD is not an option. Its mistake is its leadership muddled Hellenism and patriotism with totalitarianism and fascism. These concepts are not synonyms.

  17. I agree that the government should be cracking down harder on any violent communists and anarchists but it still made sense to crack down on the GD party since it was using iolence to push for a fascist dictatorship.

    Selectively targeting GD, as you admit they do, is persecution by the state. They are looking the other way when it comes to communist crimes but cracking down hard when it comes to allegations of GD crimes, most of which are greatly exaggerated and supported by laughably flimsy evidence.

    One can be a patriot and devoted to Hellenism without supporting fascism, racism, and a dictatorship.

    The moderates and “respectable conservatives” here in Dixie said the same back in the 1950s and 1960s. They proved themselves to be no obstacle at all to the Leftist radicals who conquered us. There is simply no middle ground in the struggle for European survival. Moderates are always enablers of the system, the status quo, or the faction with the strongest momentum.

  18. Flawed logic. If one criminal is jailed and another gets away with it, the first was still a criminal. Golden Dawn leadership brought this on themselves with their racist rhetoric and calls for a fascist dictatorship.

    Its not about just moderation. its also abut being true to Hellenism.
    GD supporters can narrate all they wish, but I can assure you foreign fascism is not a synonym for Hellenism. Ancient Greeks were not Christian fundamentalist that went around beating up gay people. Ancient Greeks did not say “Heil Hitler” and obsess over jews. GD behave like the German gestapo not ancient Hellenes.

  19. Flawed logic. If one criminal is jailed and another gets away with it, the first was still a criminal.

    1) Golden Dawn is not a criminal organisation, so your analogy is worthless.

    2) Golden Dawn was targeted solely because of its political ideology. Parties whose members are real criminals are ignored by the state. That is a textbook example of political persecution by the state.

  20. 1) according to the law it seems to be. I myself dont’ consider it criminal per se. I think an antidemocratic fascist terrorist organization would be a more appropriate label.

    2) Indeed it was targeted in part for ideology… much like the Taliban are targeted for their oppressive ideology. Welcome to the real world when you attack others to try and oppress them they attack back.

    GD is harming Greece. It is a Skopians wet dream.An endless supply of bad behavior by Greeks they can point to bury their own behavior.


    Another two coalition MPs voiced objections on Friday to the multi-bill the government plans to submit to Parliament as part of its commitment to the troika, prompting Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to express disappointment that the two-party administration is not united in the wake of Greece’s agreement with its lenders.PASOK’s Thanos Moraitis and Nikos Sifounakis were added yesterday to the four other coalition lawmakers who are unhappy that the government is planning to change the rules on fresh milk. “Some people want to hand over the keys to the country to importers,” said Moraitis.

    The coalition currently has 153 seats in the 300-seat Parliament but the fact that six Golden Dawn lawmakers are in pretrial custody means that it would need a maximum of 148 votes to approve the multi-bill.

    NOTE: Under the Greek constitition it is ILLEGAL for elected MP’s who are in pretrial custody to be excluded from the parliamentary voting process. These MP’s are still presumed innocent, no verdict has been announced. Ofcourse this means nothing to the Venizelos-Samaras JUNTA, which has trampled on Greece’s constitution, laws, disenfranchised the Hellenic citizens who voted for Golden Dawn and made a mockery of Greece’s judicial system.

  22. Yes indeed. The lowlife Zionist controlled British government MURDERED Rudolf hess aged in his prison cell in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, by hanging him in his prison cell and trying to pass it off as suicide. The cruelty of these depraved mercenaries of International Jewry is laid bare for all to see. They kept Rudolf Hess in prison from 1941 to 1987 and then murdered him in his prison cell at the age of 93.
    Rudolf Hess was Greek on his mothers side.

    Ρούντολφ Ες (Rudolf Hess) ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ (Immortal)

  23. All you keep doing is claiming our current govenrment will fall. You do not remote have a chance to run the federal government. As I said, you are effectively working for the communists.

  24. A fascist that wants a juntu calling a democratically elected government a “juntu”. Funny. Your constant lying only demonstrates you have no ethics.

  25. The New Democracy-Pasok coalition regime is GUARANTEED to collapse by the end of 2014, but much more likely in the weeks following May after the hammering it will recieve at the municipal and EU parliamentary elections. May is coming!

  26. That’s all you keep saying over and over again. Have you given up claiming you fascist are about to take over the galaxy now that your fascist leader is jail? Seems like you want the communists to win. What a patriot you are.

  27. Cease putting words into my mouth you sleazy unscrupulous worm. The Venizelos-Samaras JUNTA is a mere 8 weeks away from being confirmed as an irrelevant group of criminal oligarchs. Both New Democracy and PASOK are saturated with corrupt criminals that are 100% responsible for pauperizing the Hellenic nation after 4 decades of taking turns looting Greece. You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting such anti-Hellenic vermin.

  28. You are a sleeze for being an anti-democratic antihellenic fascist. Lying by calling our DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government a “juntu” only continues to demonstrate what an unethical liar you are.

    GD is not just is evil. It’s terrorist fascist leadership are going to be in jail for a long long time. If pseudo-hellenic fascists like you continue down your path, you will eventually do something stupid and join them.


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