Greek Teachers Occupy Mitsotakis Office

general strike GreeceMembers of the secondary education teacher federation, OLME, as part of their demonstration on Thursday, proceeded to occupy the political office of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Greek Minister of Administrative Reform. They were protesting against the government’s plans for layoffs in their sector. OLME has reacted to the evaluation process and accused the government of degrading the education system.

Mitsotakis asked a five-member committee to visit him in the Ministry. However, they replied that the meeting will be held only if he commits that there will be no dismissals.

According to the government’s policy, 1,261 teachers will be transferred to other posts, 380 will be rehired in new positions, while 204 will be dismissed.

The union of the Greek teachers participated in the 48-hour strike announced by ADEDY, Greece’s largest trade union on Wednesday, March 19 and Thursday March 20. The protesters rallied at Syntagma Square on Thursday at 1pm. Their demonstration was followed by a concert outside Parliament.


  1. While the teachers are in Kyriakos’ office, they might notice the nice furnishings there. If you remember (and no one in this country seems to), Mr. Mitsotakis was discovered to have 240,000 euros worth of “office furnishings and equipment” to start his illustrious career–a few years back during the time of the Seimans scandal. It seems when asked why he had not paid for it, he told the authorities that he had “forgotten”to make the subsequent payments for it all.

    A don’t know about most people, but 240,000 euros can buy a house, over and above a computer, desks and chairs. (MPs are provided new computers along with a technician employee to cater to their technical needs).

    Just a friendly reminder of the past–something conveniently swept under the rug here on a regular basis.

  2. When one is reared as the Golden Boy of ND it is difficult to draw the line what is entitlement and what is humility. Dora would be another example. Fortunately with so many teachers in his office he might learn a thing or two or three.