2,500 Kids Form Human Chain Around Parthenon

Kids Form Human Chain Around ParthenonToday, 2,500 children gathered at the Acropolis, forming a human chain around the Parthenon upon the initiative of the General Secretariat of Transparency and Human Rights to mark the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Under the banner “We embrace the Acropolis, embrace democracy, embrace humanity”, children of many nationalities as well as some with disabilities sang about the meaning of the day and released 2000 colored balloons into the Attica sky, sending the message of peaceful and creative coexistence without discrimination amongst people.

An art exhibition started at noon at the Acropolis Museum, featuring such famous Greek artists as Antonis Remos, Dimitris Bassis, Melina Kana, Melina Aslanidou, Sonia Theodoridou and director Yannis Smaragdis. Meanwhile, the “Dora Stratos” theatre curated events featuring children from the Palladio elementary school.

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Karolos Papoulias was in attendance, along with Charalambos Athanasiou and Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, Greece’s ministers for justice and education, respectively.


  1. Did anyone from GR ask the kiddies what Racism means to them? How about illegal immigration or just immigration, migration, refugee? Do the kiddies know the difference? Highly doubtful, this is just another example of behavioral-social engineering on the most basic of platforms using the children as a means toward an flawed agenda. This forced participation of our impressionable youth is a disgrace and the transparency of the agenda clearly obvious to all.

  2. Chinese mentality, what do you expect from these uneducated Greek professionals??? These kids do not understand the meaning of “Racism” even if you explain it to them they still cant grasp it…They are children…

  3. Absolutely agree. My point is they are being “used” instead of being taught. When they grow older their point of reference is what they experienced at the hands of special interest administrators instead of allowing them to constructively shape their own opinion. Using children as implements for policy is classic Far-Left policy as seen in Cuba’s Pioneers, Soviet Union Young Pioneers, Khmer Rouge and China’s Young Pioneers-Communist Youth League.

  4. “We embrace the Acropolis”

    Racism is wrong but the poor kids have no clue that ancient Greeks would have been disgusted by their pseudo-Hellenic parents support of illegal immigration into Greece. Victims of leftist “multiculturalism” propaganda (and cowards too afraid to stand up to foreign Skopian colluding “human rights” ngos). Their incompetent parents (also part of the generation that created Greece’s massive debt and corruption) are in the process of ethnically deleting themselves.

  5. The leftist imbeciles slander anyone that strongly opposes illegal immigration as “racis” (as if we are all like Golden Dawn). They parrot anything they read in leftwing Guardian, leftwing NY Times, and left wing “human rights’ NGOs (all of whom call the Skopians “macedonians” and downplay their irredentism) . Dimwitted pseudo-hellenic cowards.

  6. Good point. The communists still love brainwashing youth. Whats disturbing is that this essentailly leftist propaganda event was endorsed by our government at the Acropolis of all places.

    Its not that racism isn’t wrong. I don’t actually mind events against racism. The problem is the leftist definition of racism manipulatively tries to lump in leftist ideological outlook. (e.g. support for illegal migrants)

  7. This is the same secular New Age humanist indoctrination that we see in America. I seriously doubt any of those kids want to be there. They’d rather be at an awesome Golden Dawn rally.

  8. Want to see the kiddies that hugged the Parthenon all grown up. Go to the Greek Reporter article on “Greek Teacher Layoffs End Public Job Security After 103 Years”.


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