Musical visitors fuse Chinese and Greek cultures

athens concert hallThe Greek and Chinese cultures came together on Thursday evening at Athens Concert Hall for a concert by two famous virtuosos of traditional Chinese musical instruments, Zhou Wei and Yang Jing, accompanied by the City of Athens Symphony Orchestra.

The performance entitled “Melody from Beijing” was warmly welcomed by an enthusiastic and excited full house at the Athens Concert Hall. The event, organized by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development in collaboration with the City of Athens and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Greece, presented traditional and contemporary Chinese music as well as transcriptions of famous pieces of Western music.

According to the organisers, “Melody from Beijing” was the first performance in a series of cultural events that will connect the two countries. Chinese Ambassador to Greece, Zou Xiaoli expressed his satisfaction for the strengthening of the two countries’ relations in recent years, especially in the field of culture. “I believe that music can bring us closer and foster mutual understanding among our two peoples,” he stated.

Fotis Provatas, Chairman of Athens City Council, said: “We thank our Chinese friends for coming from so far away to bring us a taste of their civilization.”

Amalia Matiatou, Vice President of the Greece-China Association, declared it to have been a wonderful evening and thanked the two artists, who she said honored the Greek audience by coming from China. “It was a great pleasure watching them tonight,” she said.


  1. We should improve economic relations with China, but with open eyes. The Chinese government also disrespected us by referencing FYROM as “Macedonia”. Since names do not matter to the current Chinese government, our government should consider recognizing Republic of China (Taiwan) in response. Surely the Chinese government, that claims to be a principled, will not object as they do not object to recognizing FYROM (while looking the other way as it abuses the name to usurp our history and encourage irredentism against Greece)