Mykonos Faces Drought Risk this Summer

    Little Venice in Mykonos was so crowded this summer you could barely move

    The popular Greek island of Mykonos faces a serious drought risk this summer unless immediate measures are taken to avert water shortages, local sources report.

    The water level at the island’s main reservoir is exceptionally low and local officials say a new desalination plant is needed. Experts estimate that, unless there is significant rainfall over the coming weeks, Mykonos will only have adequate water for the next four months.

    Municipal authorities on the island are expected to announce measures in the next few days aimed at curbing wasteful use of water and planning the construction of a desalination plant to supplement dwindling water supplies.

    If there are problems during the tourist season, vessels may be dispatched to ferry additional water supplies to the island, sources said.


    1. Is that the yellow stack of the Costa Concordia off of Isola del Giglio?
      If they cannot drink water on Mykonos, then they will drink wine. If they must have water then reduce usage and charter (hire) a tanker to make periodic deliveries of fresh water as they do for the Island of Hydra. There’s ample wealth in Mykonos to pay for water service until a desalinization plant is built to keep up with the population growth.

    2. They will do nothing as they have done for 25 years!i know them the way behave towards Tourism ! I did a presentation for Mykonos in 1999 and again in 2003 about the water Purification project and Mykonos going Green,they all laughed at me! I proved that we all can get very wealthy by re-cycling all the waste and “STUPIDIA” they all laughed at me again and said I was too Futuristic!An island I truly love and care,if only we can find honorable people to Manage it!Just look at the Infrastructure!