Bomb Threat At Athens Tax Office

greekbombAthens police late on Sunday night responded bomb threats were called to the Mega Channel television station and the news website,, warning a bomb would explode within twenty minutes outside the Korydallos tax office.

The police immediately cordoned off the area around the tax office while a bomb disposal unit located a suspicious bag in the entrance of the building.  The officers waited for the explosive device to go off, as indicated in the telephone warnings, before defusing the bomb via controlled explosion.They later found out that the device had been rigged with a time to explode at a specific time.  However, for yet undetermined reasons, it didn’t explode as scheduled.

The remains of the device have been transferred to the police’s crime investigation laboratories for further examinations by counter-terrorism units. Authorities are waiting for an announcement claiming responsibility for the attack. It is estimated that the attackers were members of the guerilla groups, possibly “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” or “Revolutionary Overthrow.” The organization “Revolutionary Overthrow” had claimed responsibility for the bomb attack against the residence of a Greek shipowner in the area of Acropolis, on April 27.


  1. I suppose we should stay home tomorrow where it will be safer. No sense having the people celebrate THEIR independence and take all the media camera time away from the PM and this court. This would be another good time for Samaras to pardon/free his jailed political opponents.