Crete: Man Beaten to Death

080625_crime_scene_murder_genericAn unfortunate man from Crete, Greece, was beaten to death by two men during a fight on Sunday afternoon. The violence broke loose when the 51 year-old man told them to drive more carefully to avoid an accident, when the two men got out of their car and started beating him violently on his head and body.

The man was immediately transferred to a local medical center where he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Early on Monday a 33 year-old man, involved in the case, surrendered to the Greek police, while authorities arrested his 24 year-old brother as it appears that he is the other perpetrator.

Meanwhile, the family of the 51 year-old man are unbelievably grief-stricken and in a complete state of shock that their lives have been hit by yet another tragedy. Nine years ago, in November 2005, the 17 year-old son of the family died after being accidentally shot by his 15 year-old brother while playing with guns that were hidden in the house.