Free Wi-Fi across Greece by year-end


Greece could enjoy free internet access by November, realizing a pledge the prime minister made several months ago to get Greece online, according to Greece’s Infrastructure Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis.

According to a joint announcement by Chrysochoidis and the general secretary of the Telecommunications & Post Ministry, Menelaos Daskalakis, the first phase of the project will roll out hotspots in 302 of Greece’s 325 municipalities who applied for access, and at 100 archaeological sites and museums, as well as at 200 ports and marinas.

By the end of the year, wifi will be freely accessible at 4,000 public and outdoor spaces around Greece, including the public transport network. Each hotspot could simultaneously serve 40 to 50 users download speeds upto 1.5MB/sec for 30 minutes, albeit with restrictions concerning inappropriate material.



  1. Free government wi-fi is a terrible idea. It’s these sorts of unprincipled leftist appeasing self-destructive ideas that looked good on paper but created our debt mess and destroyed our private sector.

    The fact is free government wi-fi kills private companies that could have developed the technology to be faster, more reliable, and cheaper than government… and replaces it with bureaucrats that have absolutely no clue how the technology works, trying to regulate it and monitor it, while be being funded by taxpayers in perpetuity.

    There is no such thing as “free” government services. That money came from somewhere. That money would have been far far better spent giving tax breaks to isp startups. Some companies would have eventually offered comparable free ad-based services to consumers that could afford higher bandwidth plans. Really dumb idea.

  2. Samara’s success story “Free WiFi for all” a new fishy way to get people’s vote for the elections…God help us…

  3. It’s great news “free” WiFi for the kiddies. Now they can text their friends, shop, look for jobs and not interfere with their coffee break from their highly stressful day. Please will somebody tell the Samaras “free” WiFi will not save his party. Government Cyber-thieves are going to have a field day capturing data and increase the incidences of ID Theft and fraud.

  4. Samaras is wrong to support this particular cause but he is far and away the best and most honest PM we’ve had in years.

    Rather than appeasing incompetent shameless whining populists with empty offers of free money he’s behaving in a responsible fashion by working towards balancing our budgets through massive cuts.

    This is quite unlike the fascists and communists that apparently prefer to be lied to. (because rest assured neither would deliver on their economic promises of “exparxoun lefta” because “then exparxoun”)