Independent Greeks Loses Two MPs

Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos has no influence
Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos has no influence

The marginal Independent Greeks party that is opposed to the terms of two bailouts given Greece lost two of its Members of Parliament who said on March 26 they were quitting.

In a letter addressed to House Speaker Evangelos Meimarakis, Chryssoula Maria Giatagana, a deputy representing the northern port city of Thessaloniki, and Constantinos Giovanopoulos, a deputy representing the prefecture of Imathia, northern Greece, announced their decision to go independent.

Led by Panos Kammenos, the Independent Greeks party currently holds 15 seats in Parliament. Formerly with New Democracy, he has railed against the austerity measures imposed by the government but has little influence and has often clashed with New Democracy leaders. He later said  that the departure of two lawmakers from his anti-austerity party was because of pressure, although he didn’t identify the source.

“The pressure that is being placed on some of us knows no boundaries,” he said. “Whoever can stand the pressure remains in the boat, whoever can’t quits.” Gaitagana and Giovanopoulos said they were quitting the right-wing part, complaining that they were made to feel unwelcome.

“When even your presence becomes annoying, when your ideas do not inspire, when your initiatives are neutered, then you just depart,” the two deputies said in a joint statement, which did not give details about what they will do next.

The two lawmakers are set to continue as independents and indicated they remain committed to opposing Greece’s bailout agreement with the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB.)

In January, Parliament voted against lifting his immunity, following a prosecutor’s request with regard to two defamation suits filed against him by Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis and SKAI journalist Aris Portosalte.

In December, 2013 the House had voted in favor of lifting Kammenos’s immunity, for incitement to violence after being captured on camera in September suggesting that Halkidiki residents, in northern Greece, “lynch” a local mayor for throwing his support behind a controversial gold-mining project near the village of Skouries.

In January, the party had to hold emergency talks after six of the then-18 lawmakers didn’t even show up for its national council and prompted calls for him to take disciplinary measures. “We are still in kindergarten and you cannot impose punishment,” said Independent Greeks lawmaker Pavlos Haikalis, an actor. “Until we find our feet, we will have problems.”


  1. Independent Greeks (ANEL) was always a fake pseudo-nationalist party made up of ex-New Democracy MP’s and unscrupulous opportunists. These resignations are great news. Although ANEL was only polling at around 5%, the dissolution of this party will ensure that a considerable portion of ANEL voters will move to Golden Dawns camp, just as most LAOS voters moved to Golden Dawn when LAOS collapsed in 2012. Every percentage point counts, every voter is important in the long path to victory!

  2. At last check Golden Dawn is mostly made up of ex-ND party members. At last check most of Syriza is made up of ex_pasok members.

    I continue to be amazed how most of GD and Syriza supporters self-righteously behave as if they never supported either Pasok or ND when over 90 percent of their supporters came from these two parties.

  3. Does this make them the Independent Independent Greeks?

    Anel in a nutshell.

    – Against immigration and multiculturalism and support repatriation of all illegal immigrants. Support taking a step back from European integration towards sovereignty.

    A EU of independent states with some common standards and friendly trade is a pro but anyone (whether Greek or foreigner) that wants to be part of a federalized Europe where we do away with our country by definition is anti-Greek (literally working to ethnic cleanse us but in a slow subtle way by deleting our very identity)

    Any Greek that remotely understands Hellenism, understands multiculturalism and Hellenism are oxymorons. Its like saying a liberal conservative. A tall short man. The fat skinny woman. Hellenism isn’t just a people, its also culture. Cultures morph with time but there have to be some fundamentals that remain else it becomes an empty word (like the Skopians who call anything whatsoever “Macedonian”).

    We have to maintaining key elements like the language, territorial association with Greece, education that related to Greek history, ideas and culture, certain values like appreciation for philosophical discourse and the sciences.

    Many of our leftists don’t care if the language of Greece is Urdu and if Thessaloniki’s name was “Solun”. They argue against Greek churches then cheer on the building of Mosques. That’s not about Hellenism. That about pseudo-Greek leftist multi-culturalist ideology. It’s about the *destruction* of Hellenism.

    Europeans (and the vast majority of the world) are not Americans, Canadians and Australians whose national models are based on multiculturalism (at the expense of the native Indians whose lands they stole through ethnic cleansing). We are nations cultures have long long histories. As they say “when in Rome…”. If someone doesn’t like that, don’t move to the European country in question — don’t try to turn us all into the next native Indians. And if they do try, they should face our wrath for it. Ancient Greeks would use force when they felt all other options were exhausted. Force is the final decider in nature.

    – As per above ANEL is right that Greeks are being currently targeted for ethnic erasure. Even putting aside most of our political parties seem to be basing our immigration policies on the disrespectful demands of unelected foreign ngos and media, most our parties are in complete denial over what’s going over FYROM. The leftists in particular still fantasize their foreign comrades love them — meanwhile they look the other way as FYROM nationalists turn into “ancient Macedonians” and openly encourage their citizens to see 1/3 of our country as “Greek occupied Macedonia” (continuing to call them “Macedonians” in that context is implicit collusion in a subtle attempt to ethnically erase Greeks)

    – Alleged “rightwing” party… that opposes cuts like the communists. Another dumb one. Despite the fact a fair chunk of our population are whining crazed populists filled with endless moral narratives how someone else owes them money vis-a-vis the state — we have to deal with the fiscal reality we simply don’t have the money to avoid cuts. Any polician that promises to instantant role back of cuts and “eparxoun lefta” is a liar.

    – Promotes a theocratic state. Dumb. While I sympathize with Hellenism, the fact is Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with it other than the fact in the modern era our church was instrumental in forming the Greek state and preserving the Greek language and books. Ancient Greeks may have believed in Zeus but they also taught about the importance of reason and studying the natural world. We don’t have to believe in Zeus or Jesus. Religiously devoting oneself to philosophy, technology, physics mathematics and the sciences is the spirit of Hellenism. Turning ourselves into the Taliban isn’t.

  4. I was referring to MP’s not rank and file supporters. NOT ONE SINGLE Golden Dawn MP ever served as a New Democracy or PASOK MP. On the other hand many ANEL MP’s and SYRIZA MP’s served previously as MP’s of New Democracy or PASOK, such as Kamenos himself. Actually most Greeks understand that the charges against Golden Dawn are politically motivated and ordered by the EU-ECB-IMF Troika and Foreign Jewish lobbies. Everyone knows its an illegal ploy by the governing coalition regime to prevent Greek citizens from voting Golden Dawn in the desperate and delusional hope that they’ll turn to New Democracy. Regards evidence proving Golden Dawn is a criminal organization none has been produced. Unless you think Roman salutes make it a criminal organization. On the other hand the present economic and societal collapse of Greece after 40 years of alternating New Democracy and Pasok rule is proof that both New Democracy and Pasok are crime syndicates that have looted Greece and ruined the nation. Not to mention the millions of illegal immigrants that have poured into Greece under the watch of New Democracy and Pasok.

  5. You wrote and I quote: “The fact is that Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with it [Hellenism] other than the fact in the modern era our church was instrumental in forming the Greek state and preserving the Greek language and books.”

    Is this a small achievement in your eyes? By the way that modern era you speak of is at least 1600 years old, i.e. since the start of the Byzantine Empire. The Greek Orthodox Church preserved the Hellenic language, and identity through 400 YEARS of Islamic Turkish occupation. Orthodox Christianity defines Greeks today. It is central to our identity, in both the eyes of Greeks and non-Greeks alike.

  6. If you open up a history book you’ll discover ancient Greeks opposed christianity. They tried to hold on to their religion but it was oppressed by Roman Christian authorities (as was done all over the Roman empire)

    Christianity may be central to your identity but it is not central to hellenism. A Greak that believes in Zeus would be more true to it than any Christian. The only thing I give the Greek Orthodox church credit for is that at least in the modern era they were key to preserving Greek language and ancient books. They played a big roll in the formation of our country (and I certainly see them as far more Hellenic oriented than our anti-hellenic leftists obsessed with multiculturalism.)

  7. Oh yeah sure. The same pollsters that underestimated what Golden Dawn would recieve in May & June 2012 by a whopping 50%. The same polling agencies that are owned by capitalists who are regularly granted massive public works contracts by New Democracy & Pasok. Very trustworthy. The few independent polls (which also happened to be the polling agencies that most closely predicted what Golden Dawn would achieve in the May & June 2012 national elections), are now saying Golden Dawn is Greece’s 2nd most popular party! MAY IS COMING!


    Fake polls have been showing systematic hack Boutaris as an uncontested favorite for re-election as Mayor of Thessaloniki.  One of the loudest opponents of Golden Dawn and biggest adulators of Zionism and Mustafa Ataturk, he decided to use the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Aris Soccer club to try and campaign before a packed stadium of thousands.  Safe to say, it was not such a good idea!His clueless staff, clearly unable to discern between social reality and some doctored polls, had the bright idea of exposing the “popular” and “well-loved” (according to the media) Boutaris to address thousands of Thessalonians. This was a terrible mistake, as the Zionist dummy froze in silence, greeted by loud jeers, boos, and flying water bottles in the packed stadium. Boutaris was not allowed to mumble even a single word to save appearances, and eventually realized he was not welcome after an audience member approached this anti-Greek.The video below is proof beyond reasonable doubt that the image put on television by scamming pollster companies about how the Greek people feel is meant to try and will these lies into reality. How is it possible that the supposed leader in their bogus polls for the municipality of Thessaloniki is not allowed to even speak a word when he is put before thousands of his citizens?  Boutaris, instead, is one of the most despised mayors in Greece, a reputation he has well-earned with his actions.The current governor of Thessaloniki Tzitzikostas Apostolis received the same treatment as Boutaris, not being able to do much “campaigning” after all.In both Athens and Thessaloniki, where the junta of Venizelos-Samaras tries to cover up the inevitable victory of the Golden Dawn, perhaps it would be better for traitors like Kaminis and Boutaris to think twice before coming in contact with the common people.  One act of mingling with the people they rule can unravel an entire fraudulent, flimsy but laboriously crafted illusion that has been created for them by journalists and spurious pollsters.

  9. May is indeed coming and you’ll discover in may Kasidiaris will not be mayor of Athens. In the months ahead you’ll also discover the GD party is on its way to complete extinction as it will be completely barred from participating in elections. That’s the price of seeking a fascist junta.