Turkish Corvette Violates Greek Territorial Waters


The Turkish corvette Bandirma violated Greek territorial waters on Wednesday by sailing for nearly 19 hours within Greek territorial waters in the southeastern and central Aegean. It entered the Greek territorial waters at 9.45 am.

The latest provocation by the Turkish armed forces was seen as “a serious challenge” by Greece’s General Defense Staff, who added that “ships and resources of the Hellenic Navy monitored and are monitoring this warship throughout the duration of its course.”

The Turkish corvette came from the eastern Mediterranean and entered Greek territorial waters on March 26 approximately at 9:45 am, cruising around several Greek islands in the southeastern and central Aegean.
The Turkish corvette retreated from Greek territorial waters approximately at 4.30 am on Thursday March 27, passing through the Kafirea Straits (Cavo Doro) on following a northeast course.


  1. This is but a minor issue to the majority of uninformed Turks, the real concern is their loss of Twitter and now You Tube. If this was Israel and a Syrian Naval vessel entered their territorial waters for 19 hours, what are the chances that vessel would have never returned to port? Putin would do likewise.

  2. I read on greece defense.net the provocations have been consistently escalating, in a deliberate ploy by the Turkish government to lure Greece into a showdown, for the prime purpose of taking attention away from serious matters at home. How true is this statement, according to you or informed Greek people in general?

  3. There are several possibilities such as testing Greece’s response to incursions, creating a distraction from events at home, flexing military muscle, disputed territorial waters, poor navigation or an attempt to provoke a military action then seize offshore oil/gas fields. If Greece military was stronger such actions would not occur.

  4. Thought it was worth suggesting gross stupidity. Turkey is not exactly what you could call a seafaring nation.