Strikes to Create Problems for Greek Maritime Traffic


Striking seamen are expected to bring serious disruption to coastal shipping in Greece Monday morning, after the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) called a series of 48-hour actions, this one timed to coincide with Parliament’s multi-bill vote.

The PNO rejects clauses in the multi-bill that would determine maritime labor contracts and undermine collective bargaining between unions and the shipping companies.

President of the Panhellenic Merchant Navy Union (PEPEN) Giorgos Vlachos said the Merchant Marine Ministry seeks with this provision in the multi-bill to abolish hard-fought rights and destroy the Greek sailor, adding that the confederation will not accept this regulation and will reject it any way it can.

The PNO demands the withdrawal of specific provisions of the bill “Tourist Ships and Other Provisions”, claiming it will not generate new jobs for Greek sailors but, on the contrary, will create only more redundant seamen, beyond the 55 percent of workers in that sector already without a job.