408 Illegal Immigrants Rescued in Crete

migrants-boatThis morning, Greek Coast Guard authorities mounted a rescue operation after receiving an SOS signal on Sunday, sent by a boat carrying illegal immigrants. The rescue mission successfully came to an end on Monday afternoon, with the Coast Guard rescuing 408 illegal immigrants, including 100 women and children, who were on board an old 32-meter boat, which was located 65 nautical miles northwest of Crete.

A freighter, a tanker and a U.S. warship arrived at the location, while an offshore ship of the Greek Coast Guard was ordered to assist in the rescue mission. The ship sailed from Piraeus and a Navy frigate departed from Paros, along with another cargo ship and a Greek Coast Guard helicopter.

The boat carrying illegal immigrants, most of whom are Syrians and Egyptians, was supposed to arrive in Italy. According to reports, it is possible that the migrants will be transferred to Chania, Crete, however nothing has been finalized yet.


  1. Kudos to Ioanna Zikakou for using the word ILLEGAL in the headline rather than Greek Reporter’s usual truncation of the qualifier (or Orwillian “undocumented migrants” language used by foreign nationalists that manipulate “human rights” language to promote illegal immigration into our country)

  2. This morning, Greek Coast Guard authorities mounted a rescue operation after receiving an SOS signal . . ..

    Pathological altruism at work.

    It tells you a lot about the Greek government that the invaders made no attempt to hide their incursion into Greek waters. Instead, they announced their arrival – and received the expected help.

    I’m looking forward to May.

  3. It won’t take much shifting of passengers to tip this boat over. It is remarkable the VHF radio worked but not much else judging by the condition of the vessel.. This strongly suggests the Illegals were towed out to sea by traffickers and left there for the Greek authorities to deal with. I’m sure there is captured radar data that will show exactly where this vessel came from. If they can find orange circles and debris in the middle of the Indian Ocean with a satellite they can determine which port these illegals embarked from.