Availability Scheme Causing Problems in Greek Hospitals

hospitalSerious problems are expected to arise within the next days in public hospitals across Greece due to the placement of hospital drivers in an availability scheme that is expected to last almost a month. The leadership of the Health Ministry hasn’t yet ensured their replacement.

The decision of the Health Ministry will cause many problems in the transfer of patients, examinations, blood bags and other medical material transferred from one hospital to the other. It is estimated that the measure will mostly afflict the already understaffed regional hospitals and the patients living in small towns.

After the availability scheme all drivers working at Greek public hospitals will be transferred to EKAB, the national ambulance and emergency care service. Protesting  against Health Ministry plans, all hospital workers proceeded with a work stoppage from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday.

The situation of the health care system in Greece is critical. The strikes of Greek pharmacists during the last weeks has caused a negative impact on the citizens who are forced to queue outside the few emergency pharmacists for many hours at a time.

The pharmacists unions have announced their intention to proceed with an indefinite strike, protesting against the provisions in the multi-bill which is estimated to seriously harm their sector.


  1. Striking is all about “Perks & Benefits” in the NHS and Civil Servants…Striking was never about the interest of Greek citizens, it’s all about the Unions and unionists keeping their seats, their benefits and perks within their political party…