ELSTAT: Suicide Rate in Greece Goes Up

suicideThe number suicides in Greece was 508 in 2012 and 477 in 2011, according to a Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) report concerning the causes of death in Greece. Overall deaths were up 5% in Greece, the main causes being diseases of the circulatory or respiratory system, and neoplasms.

The number of deaths in 2012 was 116,670 (60,137 men and 56,533 women), which shows a 5% increase on 2011 when 111,099 deaths (57,999 men and 53,100 women) were reported.

Based on the ELSTAT data on the causes of death in Greece, in 2012, diseases of the circulatory system caused 49,728 deaths, closely followed by neoplasms with 28,201, while 11,384 people died from respiratory diseases.

Compared with previous years, the death rate from circulatory diseases was 25% in 1956 (the first post-war year for which data are available) and 43% in 2012, a great increase compared to 1938 (first year for which detailed data are available) when it was just 10%. Similarly, the death rate from neoplastic diseases was 4% in 1938 but rose to 24% by 2012. However, the number of deaths from infectious and parasitic diseases was 18.5% in 1938 but by 2012 had significantly reduced by to only 1%.