Greek Centre-Left Alliance Names Euro Election Candidates


The temporary alliance between PASOK and three other small center-left movements, named “Olive Tree”, has published its candidates for May’s European Parliament elections.

Among the candidates are current MPs and MEPs such as Katerina Batzeli and Sylvana Rapti, high-profile PASOK members such as Nikos Androulakis who is the secretary of the party’s central political committee and Aphrodite Al-Saleh.

The official list of Olive Tree candidates also includes personalities outside PASOK, such as Deputy Culture Minister Pantelis Kapsis and Kyriakos Pierrakakis, a doctoral candidate at Oxford’s University.

The officials of the centre-left movement say that the 90 percent of its candidates are standing for the first time.

Nevertheless, there is some dissatisfaction amongst PASOK members that party executives aligned with former PM and party president Giorgos Papandreou are not participating in the campaign. Similarly, M. Karhimakis has also decided not to stand.


  1. We are way way too far to the left politically. Although now under Samaras ND are finally behaving more economically responsibly, even ND (alleged a rightwing party) along with the leftist helped create this situation by spending us into the ground. Virtually all our political parties are based on parasitic big government leftist ideology (thus our debt mess and giant beuracracy). We treat parties like syriza…. run by communists… as moderates?

    We need smaller government parties in Greece that are pro-business pro-technology. We need Greeks that are self-dependent, intelligent and productive that freely to other Greeks. We don’t need more shameless parasites that depend on the government (much less leftists that care more about illegals than protecting our borders)

    Even the elderly have no excuses to leech off the government (as they have a lifetime to save up so as to not burden the next generation). Government handouts should only be for children and the sick (i.e. people that can’t take care of themselves)