Greek Government Bans Protests at Eurogroup Talks


Greek police announced that protest marches will not be allowed in Athens around the visit of the Ecofin and Eurogroup for meetings at Zappeion, on Tuesday and Thursday.

In particular, Greek Police decided to ban any protest marches around the Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square, where demonstrations usually end.

This authoritarian decision caused strong reaction among the opposition parties. The Greek Communist Party (KKE) criticized the decision in no uncertain terms: “While the Ministers of Finance of the EU’s treacherous alliance are planning to escalate the capital’s attack against the workers, the Greek government has decided to suspend once more the right of all Greek citizens to protest in the center of Greece’s capital. The Greek Communist Party condemns such practices and urges the Greek people to participate at the scheduled demonstration organized by PAME (All Workers Militant Front) at Omonoia.”

On a similar wavelength is the announcement issued by major opposition party SYRIZA, which said “the Greek government, with practices that can only be characterized as ‘parliamentary coups’, shows its indifference towards the problems and needs of the Greek society.”


  1. It was the “Greek Police” that banned all protests in Syntagma during the upcoming meetings? I would have thought it was someone much higher in the cabinet such as a Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, or even the Prime Minister. But according to this article the decision came remarkably from the Police force. Using the police as a scapegoat is an example ministerial cowardice.