Models Pose on Greek-Cypriot Graves in Occupied Cyprus

Models on Greek-Cypriots GravesOn March 30 several photos came to light in Cyprus depicting models posing on Greek-Cypriots graves in the occupied part of the island.

According to Cyprus media, the photo shoot took place last August but the photos were released Sunday. The models on the photos were posing on the clearly identifiable graves of Greek-Cypriots in the occupied part of Cyprus.

Since Sunday, the photos have been published widely in various Cypriot and Greek media, sparking hellenic outrage at a time in which efforts are being made for reconciliation on the still-divided island. The photographer has since apologised for the setting.

Mufti Dr Talip Atalay, the head of the religious affairs department in the occupied areas, told media that steps will be taken in northern Cyprus to respect religious sites, and expressed regret at the photoshoot’s location. “No matter which faith we have, our beliefs and morals require us to respect every temple, cemetery and other religious sites,” he said.

The Association of Occupied Municipalities issued a statement Monday condemning the photo-shoot, saying it is “unacceptable during peacetime for cemeteries to be defiled in such a manner.”



  1. No matter where the Turks come from whether Turkey or Cyprus they grossly barbaric and disrespectful to the dead and religion of other nations.One of the reasons they are kept out of Europe.They do not belong among civilized nations.

  2. I am not defending Turkey but do you think a government that promotes a pharmacy union to blackmail its sick and dying by holding back services and drugs is “civilized?”

    Do you think a government that allows squabbling among university regents long enough to delay the youths’ academic future is “civilized?”.

    How about a government that is prepared to squeeze an already poverty stricken older generation (feeding its children and grandchildren with a pension check) with more cuts? “Civilized?”

    You only have to look in your own backyard to see Barbarism.

  3. I would not expect any better of the Turks.they disgrace their own country internationally.While in northern Cyprus they have looted relics and antiquities they have turned christian churches into stables and they destroyed all cultural evidence of 10000 years of Greek life in Cyprus.They never improved one iota since they arrived in the edges of Europe 5 centuries ago.They still behave like a pack of wolves.Hope is lost completely from this nation.

  4. A beautiful model posing over a grave is a blasphemous act. However under a favorable circumstances and point of view the dead will rise again, well at least part of them……;-)

  5. You have things exactly backwards The government does not support the pharmacists nor does the pharmacists support the government.

    You… a foreign supporter of Skopians…someone trying to delete our very identity as Greeks to cover up your shame for calling them “Macedonians”… lecturing Greeks ethics…is laughable

  6. Not all Turks are bad people. Its mostly the Islamo-fascists that support the current anti-hellenic PM. The Turkish government uses the Skopians as a proxy against Greeks (literally trying to ethnically delete us by attacking our very identity).

    We should be responding in like to their agreesion by helping Kurds gain indepdence and attacking modern Turkish identity (seeing as modern Turks are not Turks. They are anatolian people assimilated into Turkish identity)

  7. If the government was doing its job it would have the power to defeat mafia-run unions–you are unwise in your perceptions if you can not envision the opportunist MPs taking massive kickbacks in allowing such monopolies to exist–no matter what face they put on for the public. The monopolist unions have always been in bed with the government here. How else can you explain the tail wagging the dog on so many issues?

  8. Greeks still living in the Stone Age…You can see naked figures in religious art &Christian church..

  9. In Stone age Greeks existed and thrived and put the basis for a great civilization that influnced the globe.Turkeys achievements through their very short history is vandalism slaughter and several genocides In fact Turkey is the mother of all evil..

  10. Konstantinopolis 1956.Trouble in Cyprus.Innocent Greek civilians in the city paid the price.My grand parents were murdered my fathers 12 year old sister was raped by 16 good fellow Turks while the police were watching laughing and encouraging them.Our house put on fire.Thousands of other Greek families suffered the same by the good fellow Turks who like a pack of hungry wild wolves fell on Greek civilians.I would never trust a Turk.Not to forget the Armenian genocide the slaughter of the Greeks of Pontos and Asia minor.The Fyronians are stupid and unable to prove even their own identity.The Turks are the danger because they are barbaric and lack all sense of morality and ethics .

  11. Funny you should write of addressing the topics. My rant here is about the newsworthy article above–your rant, after stalking my comments some 10 days later is once more against me (your burgeoning nemesis). Kinda funny actually. But I am impressed you care so much about what I say.

    Your hypocrisy is becoming legend, Mr. Ali. I’m sure if Diogenes were alive today he might take you aside and tell you to stop embarrassing your self..