Most Greek Ports Unfit For Cruise Ships

greek ports

Although cruise ships are vital to Greece’s tourist season, most Greek ports are unfit to berth such vessels, a study has found.

Research by the National Technical University of Athens highlights critical deficiencies in Greece’s harborage: 70 of 93 ports have inadequate facilities and 86 percent face wave problems.

Half Greece’s ports have depth issues of some kind, the report finds, while three-quarters of the country’s dockage is unsuitable for cruise ships.


  1. At last someone has actually looked at Greek Ports.
    Most Ports outside Athens were seen to be designed by a very lazy uncaring person.
    Even an untrained person could have designed a better outcome merely by looking at Goggle and seeing what others have done in the same situation.
    Walking or driving on to a ship in Greece was far different to what I have been used to even though the facilities I used outside Greece were designed and constructed more than one hundred and twenty years ago.
    Often the money is spend in Greece with poor outcomes.
    My lady friends comment as we risked our lives getting on a ship on a Greek Island was “another job designed by the Ministers illiterate lazy nephew”. The danger to workers was incredible.
    Thinking about it we were foolish to use Greek ships and Ports, we should fly.
    Maybe the Ministers nephew did not have a computer or a public Library to get a few ideas. He did not need to reinvent the wheel after all.
    Greece has now to find the money to pay again for the same facilities. The worst aspects of corruption. It would have been cheaper to let the Greeks stay in the office on full pay, and, emailed the job to someone in India to do.
    A friend running an international engineering business in Athens did say one Scotsman was worth four Greek engineers with out the need to convince them close enough was not good enough. There was never the aspiration to be even better than yesterday, there was no pride in their work.

  2. Greece might have problems but soon will be sorted out.Greek engineers from ancient times created wonderful engineering works that admired even today globally. Modern Greek engineers employed round the world today.Greek engineers influenced the engineering of your barbaric ancestors and Greek imitation buildings are scattered round the worlds capitals.Greek engineers were building ships and ports while your fellow countrymen were in a primitive state and that was not very long ago.As for you … are a nasty bigot and please please please next time take your custom elsewhere provided they will invite you.