Triple Election Possibility Emerges

samarasAccording to Greek news, the Greek Prime Minister’s close associates are suggesting that national elections take place in May alongside the regional and European elections.

Seeing the coalition crumbling, while Antonis Samaras’ poll numbers are not the worst, his colleagues are proposing that he surprise his opponents by calling a May election, although the prime minister himself is said to reject such a possibility.

The government government counts 152 members after Kaklamanis’ departure from New Democracy and Samaras is not confident that independent MPs will support the government’s decisions.

At the moment there are three possible scenarios concerning the upcoming elections:

Scenario 1: Elections in April
Those who propose national elections before the regional and European elections believe that this is the best situation for New Democracy, because SYRIZA has lost its momentum and Golden Dawn’s numbers have not risen dramatically, while others suggest that a move like this would surprise troika.

Scenario 2: Elections in May
This is a scenario that many MPs and ministers have suggested, while betting on good news from the economic front. They are suggesting that the national elections take place in May, after Eurostat officially releases data concerning the primary surplus on April 23. The plan is for elections to take place on May 18 or 25.

Scenario 3: Elections in autumn
After September or October in particular. Those who suggest this plan are considering the fact that a very important chapter for the government will be coming to a close, given that it has taken many of the important decisions about the Greek debt and the financial gap.


  1. Scenario 4: Resignations in June.
    Following the disastrous election results Francois Hollande recognized new elections were necessary as his government was no longer viable. Samaras certainly faces the same consequences in May after what will be nearly two years of intraparty bickering, squabbling and banishment means his party is running out of steam and ideas. If it happened in France rest assured it can happen in Greece.

  2. You are mistaken.

    Although of course Samaras is highly unpopular among treasonous leftist extremists like Syriza who are only good for shamelessly demanding government handouts…. unpopular among fascists… Samaras is once again in the lead in the polls.