Greece Poorest Country in EU


According to the European Commission’s quarterly review on Employment and Social Situation, Greece is the poorest country in the European Union for 2013.

The review mentions that Greeks, despite working the longest hours in Europe, earn the lowest salaries. In 2008 to 2013, the real Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) declined 14.8% in Greece, the second highest percentage in the EU after Ireland (-16%). The main reason for the decline was tax increases, pension reductions and the limited impact of social protection expenditure. In addition, Greece’s youth unemployment rate is the highest among EU’s member States.

The report showed that the biggest at-risk-of-poverty rate recorded in Greece was between 2011-13. In 2013, poverty affected 23.7 percent of the population, an increase of 1.8 percent compared with 2011, followed by Romania, with a 1.1 percent increase and poverty at 21.2 percent, Latvia with a 0.9 percent increase and poverty at 21.4 percent and Spain with a 0.7 percent increase and poverty at 20.9 percent.

According to the European Commission review, the rate of growth of nominal unit labor costs in 2013, recorded the biggest decline in Cyprus (-5.4 percent) and Greece (-4.7 percent), while the Greeks work more hours a week (43.7 hours per week) compared with the rest of the Europeans. The Polish come second with 42.5 hours, followed by Cypriots with 42.4 hours, Portuguese with 42.2 hours and Austrians with 42.15 hours. Finns (39.7), Hungarians (39.8) and the French (40) are those who work less.

In January 2014, a total of 3.1 million young people, aged 15-24, were struck by unemployment in the EU.

Commenting on the review, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Laszlo Andor said that “inequalities have risen and there is a risk that the current fragile recovery is not likely to improve the situation of many low-income groups.”


  1. & will stay like that, without any real hope for prosperity EVER, whilst we are apart of the EU.

  2. The poverty in Greece created by the Greeks themselves and not the European union.We will create wealth when we complete the necessary and vital reforms.We are the cleverest nation in the world we dealt in the past with much worse situations and united we will do it again.

  3. Had Greece NOT become an EZ country the government and people would have lived within their means. Greece rushed to join and the EZ rushed to accept it. Like two vehicles traveling at high speed towards a head-on collision. There has always been poverty and it can be beaten back but not under the present circumstances.

  4. But hey we have world wide free WiFi and are the “first”. We should pay no attention to who’s on the streets we have our little boxes to entertain us as we walk past them as if they weren’t there. The little box wakes us up, it talks and plays with us, it tells us what to say and do, We do not need to think anymore as we have our little boxes to do that for us also.

  5. I wish I could agree with you……After 5 years of reform they’re hasn’t been a positive outcome. No good reason to assume that further reforms would change the situation for the better.
    The recent proposed reform to milk was a good example of manipulation rather than reform.
    But hey we all live in hope. I hope to see some improvement at least in the year to come.

  6. But wait everyone, don’t be angry. . . we’re soon to have free Wifi. . . everywhere in the bankrupt country!!

    In Roman times they called this ploy “Bread and Circuses.” Keep the restive masses happy with diversion so they don’t storm the halls of power to take back what it theirs.

    The “pitchfork point” is coming my friends . . . WiFi or none.

  7. Hey PC:
    Kinda quiet in here again, don’t you think? Hmmmm.

    Let’s enjoy it while we can. . .

  8. Perhaps too quiet.
    No telling what handle will appear next. So far 18 posts not worthy of a reply.

  9. Only 18? They may have brought out the proverbial “hook” a second time.

    But let’s not forget, “Hope springs eternal in the hearts of fools.” Any resurrection will be easy to spot, however. There are about 15 words there which are indispensable to our friend, and he is not about to give up using them in this century.

    Enjoy the calm.

  10. Of course its poor. A fair chunk of our population are shameless leftist thugs than demand handouts rather than focus on building their own wealth.

  11. Allies with T-nto…. that calls Skopians “Macedonians”?

    With treasonous self-serving pseudo-Greek cowards like you we wonder why Greek is a mess?

  12. There is no “we” here. For “we” it require defense of Greece… not treasonous support of Skopians. (or treasonous cowards like Polycrates that aligns himself with you… a Skopian supporter)

  13. All the leftist website operator is doing by supporting you (a Skopian supporter) over me is proving my two points.

    a. “Greek” leftists are hypocritical censoring thugs.
    b. Greek leftists are treasonous.

    In an case I’m done her. I’m going to use my free speech (you know — the thing you oppose when its crtical of you) to make a rebuttle website dedicated to exposing the treasonous pseudo-Greek leftist that runs this website.

  14. I am tired of trying to use my free speech to condemn Skopians, Skopian supporters, and treasonous leftist cowards…. on an alleged Greek website… only to have one of those leftist cowards (Anastasios Papapostolou — the owner of this website) repeatedly censor me. Thus I will be moving on.

    Since my free speech is not respected by censoring leftist thug Mr.Papapostolou, I plan to use it to build a website dedicated to exposing this antihellenic coward and his pseudo-Greek leftist drivel. Before I go I’d like to say a few things.

    This is not a “Greek” website. This is website dedicated to spreading antihellenic leftist ideology in Greece. Much like the Skopians substitute “Bulgarian” with “Macedonian”… all our leftists do is substitute their leftist ideology with Hellenism. (in particular their obsession with multiculturalism). Ancient Greeks staunchly defended their country from uninvited invaders. This is quite unlike leftists on Greek Reporter that rather than condemn illegals, *treasonously* support illegals.

    The Greek left are collectivist cowards. They will do anything to try and fit in.. .including inch by inch erase the Greek people.

    Case in point… rather than condemn the pretentious self-anointed “human rights” ngos, foreign media, and foreign nationalist that now patronizingly try to dishonorably downplay the Skopians transformation into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism … rather than condemn them for now trying to talk us out of ethnic existence…. our leftist cowards *all* pretend not to notice their betrayal and bigotry. Rather than condemn their anti hellenism… the pseudo-Greek cowards instead collaborate with foreigners trying to delete our very identity.

    To the Greeks that care about Hellenism, I wish you all the best in your endeavours… and a warning.

    If we want hellenism to survive, do not treat all alleged “Greeks” the same. Create hellenic institutions that exclude leftists from participation or any other antihellenic ideological groups like anarchists. Such “Greeks” (like treasonous cowards like Polycrates and Greek Reporter leftists) are “Greeks” only in name. Not the realm of ideas.

  15. Polycrates is pals with poster T-nto — that supports Skopians!

    I’m out of here because I’m sick of pseudo-Greek cowards like Polycrates (and the leftist that run this website) that can’t be bothered to criticise antihellenic foreign nationalists that support Skopians. All the best.

  16. I completely agree with you. Leftwing extremists and rightwing extremists want to blame everyone but themselves for their own poverty.

    If we wish to fix Greece it will require individuals work hard and a focus on technology to improve their productivity — not shameless self-righteous whining how the government should be doing more for us.. while we ourselves do nothing to improve Greece but burden other Greek taxpayers.

  17. Greece is not the poorest EU country,actually it is one of the richest ones in terms of disposable cash and actual assests.Stop lying.The poorest European countries are Bulgaria and Albania.

  18. Low salaries? Just take a good look at how much the rotten politicians are paid. They get far more than they deserve. egGreek Reporter published these figures, citing information from German newspaper Bild. Quoted in full, Greek politicians receive:
    •MP’s salary: 8594 euros per month
    •Supplementary salaries during Christmas (500 euros), Easter (250 euros) and vacations (250 euros)
    •4 secretaries and 1 consultant
    •3300 euros per year for using 4 telephone lines
    •Free transferring on trains, buses and ships
    •Up to 60 free of cost flights for MP coming from district areas
    •1000 euros allowance per month for housing
    •Interest free loans
    •All Members of Parliament over 65-years-old receive not only pension but also compensation.
    •Members of Parliament can receive a pension after a 4 year tenure.
    •Members of Parliament can partially deny to give information about their property
    Additional goodies reaped by Greek politicians as reported by the Irate Greek are:
    MPs further receive an allowance for participating in parliamentary committee meetings. The allowance currently stands at €150 per MP per meeting. There were 34 active committees and subcommittees in parliament from 04/10/2010 to 30/09/2011 that held a total of 740 meetings with a total of 761 members. The total cost to the taxpayer was €4,725,600. Each MP earned on average €15,752 from participating in committees over a one-year period
    The MPs’ per diem when on official travel abroad is €150. All MPs get to stay in 5-star hotels when abroad.
    A day-care centre for MPs’ children whose cost is entirely covered by parliament and which employs 20 people.
    The prime minister, deputy prime ministers, ministers, deputy ministers, speaker of parliament and leader of the main opposition party further receive 20-40% of salary for representation costs (equating to between €778 and €1,556 per person per month on top of their regular pay.
    Based on these figures the Greek political leaders are raking it in nicely during their endless meetings in which little of any substance is ever achieved.

    Read more:

  19. I am trying to be realistic after six years of austerity and still experiencing the same problems. Perhaps a healthy dose of pessimism is necessary until we see a real recovery. In case you did not know, I have pure 100% olive oil from Kalamata in my veins and blast out Zeus’ thunder out of my (—) to those who question one’s heritage.

  20. In my country they provide Wi-Fi to keep our nation alert .Your government provides stupor inducing grass to nourish zombies.

  21. “Alert”? Try “Asleep at the wheel.”

    Greece would not be in half the trouble it is if the populous was super-conscious of how successfully their leaders have robbed from them for the past 40 years.

    The apathy from the centrist majority in this country is pathetic in not taking any action (finding new candidates with bright new strategies–putting in people who do not look at their off-shore bank accounts first)

    Only the overly-viscous extreme ends of the polarized society are currently working overtime to keep the nation in a state of impasse paralysis.

    Maybe more “grass” and less “Wi-Fi” would get the masses more politically active and less voyeuristically disabled.

  22. Tonto you selling again cheap philosophy.How am i going to put it in your thick scull that the Greeks have been very alert extremely clever creative and artistic while your stupid ancestors were climbing the treas like monkeys eating acorns. Now you silly upstart you coming here and trying to teach your masters cheap philology .Meanwhile you are so ashamed of your origins you are afraid to disclose it for all to know.Well Tonto Dubrofski you neither entertain me nor impress me with your cheap demagogy.

  23. And you will see it and soon.Trust your people as even the very bad ones are not as evil as some of these enemies of Greece that found in this page.You must open your eyes and see them in every page that criticizes Greece and the Greeks.There are always absent of any complimentary comments or articles about our country .Open your eyes and look at them and read between the lines.They are ready to fall on the Greeks like a pack of starving wolves.And be aware of the ones that cover their true identity.They are the most dangerous.Greece and the Greeks civilized most of the planet.But ther’are still some that remain beyond redemption.Do not let them fool you.They are primitive species and evil enemies.And just remember that the Greeks developed criticism and critique to an art.These hypo humans do not understand that in order to criticize you must also praise. Good luck.

  24. Once again the ignorance of a participant of debate who only has agumentum ad hominem (argument carried to the man [not the issue]) as a rebutal.

    In a forum or debate of educated souls this is seen as a huge red flag indicating the poor fellow has lost–simply on the grounds ha has nothing to say of substance, just to insult his opponent out of anger and impassivity.

  25. Once again the limitations of a participant in debate shines through. We see he has only has agumentum ad hominem (argument carried to the man [not the issue]) as a rebuttal or response. Where is your commentary of the issue here, friend?

    In a forum or debate of educated souls, this is seen as a huge red flag indicating the poor fellow has lost–simply on the grounds he has nothing to say of substance, just the incination to insult his opponent out of anger and impulse.

    And your choice of insults, (“. . . your st*pid ancestors were climbing the treas [SIC] like monkeys eating acorns.”), indicates just how sadly limited you are in the art of rhetoric.

    Once would expect more of someone in the land where rhetoric was invented and perfected as an art.