Exclusive: Greece To Offer Free Worldwide Wi-Fi

Greece offers Free Global Wi-fi

Greece already gave the world Democracy, but the country that is currently coming out of a crisis is ready to give even more back to the world.  This time, it’s Free Global Wi-Fi.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras announced a few months ago that his country has the technology to offer free wi-fi to all its citizens, and today Greeks enjoy free internet browsing in most parts of the country. The announcement was welcomed by Greeks and the Greek PM’s approval rates sky-rocketed.

However, Samaras kept receiving questions from other world leaders who wanted to do the same for their countries. It was then that the Greek PM asked his dream-team, spearheaded by former PM George Papandreou -who wants to stay out of the spotlight- if Greece has the infrastructure to offer free wi-fi to the whole world.

Papandreou, after talking to his team, came up with a plan that will include Greek navy ships stationed around the globe to serve as hotspots, while for land Greece has hired a few available satellites that will also create wi-fi clouds above the Earth.

An advisor to the Greek PM told Greek Reporter that Samaras sped up the implementation of his decision after CNN revealed ‘Facebook founder’s Mark Zuckerber’s plans to do the same’ plans of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to do the same.

“We were first.  George Papandreou and his team came up with this idea when the former Greek PM Papandreou was trying to find a way to stay connected while canoeing off the shore of his village. It was then – on a micro level – that his team managed to cover his whole village and its fishing-bay with a hot-spot. The plan then expanded all around Greece, and now it is time to show the world what Greece can do,” stated the PM’s advisor.

“We have plans to expand everywhere; I mean, if life is discovered in another part of the universe I am sure that George Papandreou and his team have the technology to cover those areas with free wi-fi as well.”

The team had been working on perfecting their new technology in absolute secrecy for the past 2 years.

“It was a secret project that only the team knew about. We are proud to share it with the world though.”

“Today, the wi-fi network is available in the entire continental US and Europe. We will have 100% of the Earth covered within the next 15 days.”

To access the “Greece Wi-Fi” free global network all you need to do is enable your device’s wi-fi connection, select the Greece Wi-Fi network, and just type in the password ‘Success Story’.

“We wanted to let the world know that Greece is not in crisis anymore, don’t hear what the media says, just see what we can do. We wanted to use this term, ‘Success Story’, that has substituted ‘Grexit’, which was speculating that Greece will leave the Euro-zone,” stated the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samras while briefing journalists in Athens.

“It’s the least we can do to advertise our beautiful country and also give free wi-fi to the whole world. We have plans to also offer perks in the future such as free olive oil, free feta cheese and free greek yogurt when our finances allow, and it will be soon – we already have a surplus.”

“Finally, it is our way to thank the international community for all the selfless loans that they gave to Greece when the country needed them. I hope all the citizens of the world will enjoy our free Greece – Wi fi network,” said Antonis Samaras.

Happy April 1st to all!!! This story was one of our April Fools’s Day Hoaxes!!! Hope you enjoyed it! Read our other prank here!


  1. So that’s what all this WIFi is about. I laughed reading “Greek Navy ships stationed around the globe to serve as hot spots”. Which ships? Where? Eleusis? When did Greece become a Naval super-power?