Greek Prison Guards to be Arrested for Albanian Inmate’s Death


Greek authorities are just a step away from arresting the prison guards responsible for beating Albanian lifer, Ilia Kareli to death while he was in solitary confinement at Nigrita Prison, in Serres.

The Greek prosecutor in Amfissa who is in charge of the investigation is expected to issue arrest warrants, possibly in the next few hours.

Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” reported that the Greek authorities have already found evidence that connects the tragic incident with certain prison guards within Nigrita Prison.

In an effort to find out Kareli’s cause of death, Greek police internal affairs investigators collected testimonies from numerous prison guards, police officers and witnesses who came into contact with the Albanian lifer during his transfer from the Malandrino prison to Nigrita in Serres.

Ilia Kareli, who stabbed 46-year-old prison guard, Giorgos Tsironis, on March 25, was beaten to death by at least 10 men just before he entered in his cell at Nigrita Prisons.

Further examination is expected to reveal the exact cause of his death within the next few days, though the coroner’s preliminary report suggested that he was beaten to death.

Last but not least, a prison guard seems to have confessed that Ilia Kareli was indeed tortured. In particular, he said that when Kareli arrived at their facility and before he was placed in solitary confinement cell, which was observed by a CCTV camera, he was placed in another one where the prison guards brutally beat him.


  1. Often when a police officer or prison guard is killed the suspect is often found dead in their cell. Generally this happens late at night in an isolated area of the prison. The suspect sometimes has an accident, sudden medical condition or gets involved in a fight with prisoners. Generally there is a period between the time of the officer/guard’s death and the demise of the suspect so as not to draw attention. This is not unique to Greece just bad timing.

  2. It lools like the mother of the Albanian inmate who was apparently on her deathbed has had a miraculous recovery and gave an interview to Albanian TV looking quite energized, upright and quite frankly normal asides ofcourse from being upset at her sons death. Ofcourse we feel sorry for the lady but it’s obvious that she was not dying and her sons claim that she was near death was simply a ruse to go to Italy from where he would refuse to return to Greece. This ploy has been used recently and successfully by other Albanian inmates.

  3. Appearantly the inmate was upset because he had paid 60 thousand Eur to the guard he killed for a 3 day permit to visit his monther. Upon sealing this deal, the guard handnt kept his part of the bargain.
    I happend to read the albanian inmate’s last letter in which he admits he killed the guard accidently, saying he only wanted to scare him, and upon doing so he said i will be dead shortly.
    Really tragic, Please stop the killing, please stop wasting lives

  4. And again, this convict was sentenced 16 years for theft….. his life totally went to waste. I dont condone the act of murdering the guard, but guards cannot feel as gods there doing whatever massacre they feel like on prisoners.

  5. The deceased Albanian convict Ilia Kareli was serving a 20-year sentence for ATTEMPTED MURDER, robbery and drugs.

    Lets not forget that the Greek prison officer GIORGOS TSIRONIS who had his throat slashed – (& who left behind a wife & 2 orphans) – has almost been forgotten here, & all the focus is on the deceased Albanian convict.

    Illegal Albanian immigrants have unleashed a tsunami of rapes, robberies, bashings, home invasions, & murders against Greece’s citizens. One example is Marko Kola, an Albanian convict who last year escaped (with 11 other Albanians) from prison murdered a police officer, murdered a 25 year old Greek female as she sat in her car, & after weeks of being tracked by police was himself killed along with two members of his gang in a series of ferocious gunbattles with police.
    How mant Albanians have been murdered in Albania by Greeks? None.

    Or how about the 30 year old Albanian who murdered a 72 year old Greek male & his 73 year old wife inside their home in the village of Ktismata Pogoniou, in the northwestern prefecture of Ioannina last year.

  6. Are you making a general plea to the world to stop the killing or are you telling me to stop the killing, i.e. accusing me or the political movement I support of somehow being responsible for this? Please be a little more clear. Also how did you get access to the final letter of Ilia Kareli? Where did you read that the Greek prison officer who Ilia Kareli murdered, had accepted €60,000? Where did Ilia Kareli find a spare €60,000?

  7. after what the guy did it wold have made sense to execute hem publicly with lethal injection then mascaraing hem like that only animals with wipe of eyes from a human it reminds me of the Syrian rebels

  8. at no point dose any one agree with what the Albanian inmate did to the guard, he was wrong at all levels and if be it, he should have got a life sentence or even execution. HOWEVER at no point should he have been tortured to the level he has be, those men should be left to rot in prison because for them to do such a thing to a human, it means that they treat their prisons like animals and no on is safe in there and this type of behaviour has occurred before!!!

  9. Human Rights need to be involved in this and many other cases as they leave to many cases cross by and the law only exists to favour those in the higher level!!! For this case to happen and to have such guards in a prison it means that the Greek Authority need to see that the prisoners are not in safe environment and they are been punished by been locked up they do not need to be treated in such states !!!! I feel for the family of both parties the Albanain and the Greek victim and i hope i heart that jutise has been taken on those men who created this monsteres scene.