Protestors Tear-Gassed in Downtown Athens

MAT_AthensDespite the protest ban by the Greek Police due to the Ecofin and Eurogroup meeting, a demonstration was held on Tuesday, April 1 in downtown Athens, organized by the major opposition party SYRIZA, the All Workers Militant Front (PAME) and the anti-capitalist party ANTARSYA.

Shortly after 8 pm, there were clashes between the protesters and the riot police, used tear gas to break up the protesters. Tensions mounted when some groups of protesters, who were standing in front of the police forces at Stadiou Street, tried to break the cordon and head to Syntagma Square. Police responded by a controlled use of chemicals.

Police security measures in the center of Athens were particularly tight, with riot police vehicles blocking Stadiou Street and a helicopter monitoring the demonstration.

SYRIZA members Panagiotis Lafazanis, Dimitris Stratoulis and Grigoris Kalomoiris were at the forefront of the protest.

Lafazanis said that the protest ban imposed by the Greek government is a reminder of the dark pages of Greece’s history and won’t stop the citizens from protesting. “Greece is an independent and democratic country,” he added.



  1. I am tired of trying to use my free speech to condemn Skopians, Skopian supporters, and treasonous leftist cowards…. on an alleged Greek website… only to have one of those leftist cowards (Anastasios Papapostolou — the owner of this website) repeatedly censor me. Thus I will be moving on.

    Since my free speech is not respected by censoring leftist thug Mr.Papapostolou, I plan to use it to build a website dedicated to exposing this antihellenic coward and his pseudo-Greek leftist drivel. Before I go I’d like to say a few things.

    This is not a “Greek” website. This is website dedicated to spreading antihellenic leftist ideology in Greece. Much like the Skopians substitute “Bulgarian” with “Macedonian”… all our leftists do is substitute their leftist ideology with Hellenism. (in particular their obsession with multiculturalism). Ancient Greeks staunchly defended their country from uninvited invaders. This is quite unlike leftists on Greek Reporter that rather than condemn illegals, *treasonously* support illegals.

    The Greek left are collectivist cowards. They will do anything to try and fit in.. .including inch by inch erase the Greek people.

    Case in point… rather than condemn the pretentious self-anointed “human rights” ngos, foreign media, and foreign nationalist that now patronizingly try to dishonorably downplay the Skopians transformation into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism … rather than condemn them for now trying to talk us out of ethnic existence…. our leftist cowards *all* pretend not to notice their betrayal and bigotry. The pseudo-Greek cowards instead collaborate with people trying to delete our very identity.

  2. These aren’t protesters. These are undemocratic leftist terrorists. There are two extremes currently in Greece.

    Title should say… “Police protect themselves against VIOLENT LEFTIST THUGS” — which is what the leftists would have said if GD had used violence like the leftists constantly do.