Angela Merkel’s Visit to Greece Rushed

angela merkel

Angela Merkel will be arriving in Athens at the end of next week to express her support for the government of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

According to the German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Merkel will be arriving in Greece on Friday, April 11. She will support the reforms of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who is under internal political pressure at the moment.

The Maximos Mansion staff was recently in communication with the chancellor and jointly decided to rush her visit to Greece that was originally scheduled for the end of the month after the data validation by Eurostat concerning the Greek economy and achieving a primary surplus in the 2013 budget.

However, both sides deemed it would be more productive for Angela Merkel to visit Greece before Easter vacation, seeing as the recent ratification of the agreement with troika and the decisions of yesterday’s Eurogroup meeting on the disbursement of more installments, have confirmed Eurostat’s decisions did well and is on the path of economic recovery.

Furthermore, analysts believe that Angela Merkel, who is also faced with the European Parliament elections, will take advantage of Greece’s positive feedback by saying that it was her “recipe” that brought on the positive results.

On the other hand, Greece is hoping that this visit will send a positive message to the markets that the country’s economic team is planning to enter soon. Moreover, the country is also looking forward to Merkel giving the green light for the debate concerning the restructuring of Greece’s debt and if possible even before the European elections on May 25.


  1. If Merkel was smart to help her investors in Greece, as soon as her Lufthansa (on strike) flight stops at ramp the door opens she walks out give a two minute fight speech in support of Samaras/Venizelos goes back in and the flight departs, preferably taking Samaras and Venizelos with her. If she stays any longer she gives the opposition the opportunity to grab headlines and there is the concern about demonstrations as we saw recently but much larger.

  2. None of those hopes will materialize – nor would that help Greece.
    The breaking point of the government appears to be within PASOK and far beyond Merkel’s scope.
    What would help to generate income is auctioning off gas exploration rights.


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