Greek Prison Guards Admit Torturing Albanian Inmate


    Greek police sergeant Antonis Aravantinos made several revelations about the death of Ilia Kareli at Nigrita prison in an interview Tuesday.

    In particular, he stated that during the investigation carried out by the Greek police internal affairs department, head of the prison guard union, Haris Konsolidis, confessed to the investigators that he tortured and beat the 42-year-old lifer at Nigrita prison.

    According to Aravantinos, Konsolidis admitted to Greek police that he and other nine prison guards tortured Kareli. Investigators duly called those nine prison guards, although Aravantinos said seven of them denied any participation in the incident, while two admitted their guilt. However, they refused to give any more information about the other seven.

    Aravantinos disclosed that when that Konsolidis realized he would be arrested, he called his wife to apologize before trying to kill himself but his colleagues saved his life. Authorities then ordered his transfer to Serres’ mental hospital.

    Ilia Kareli, who stabbed 46-year-old prison guard, Giorgos Tsironis, at Maladrino prison on March 25, was beaten to death by at least 10 men just before he entered in his cell at Nigrita prison, having been transferred there for his own safety.


    1. Lets not forget that this Albanian who was in prison for attempted murder, robberies and
      other attacks in Greece, for some stupid reason kills a family man
      with two kids, in my opinion justice is served, let this be a lesson to any other scum that is trying to commit murder..

    2. Still that doesn’t make it ok, 10 men cant be brave with only one, all of them are also scumbags! Hopefully they will die the same way in prison, i hope they all rot! This event causes nothing but anger and hate towards Greeks

    3. How come my comment is not allowed to be posted? But hankz’ s post who.seem to.believe justice was served is allowed! It looks like you guys are happy about this event because he happens be an Albanian!

    4. Doesn’t make it right for Albanian criminals to border jump to Greece and commit crimes against its people, more than half of Greece’s prisons are Albanians, this is a fact, Greece much bring back the Death Penalty only then the killings of the innocents will stop…

    5. Because you greeks put the blame on Albanian, on everything that happens to Greece,! Im not including good Greek people, but im talking about ignorant racist! I know many greeks and they love Albanian and love me around them, and they agree that the ones who dont like Albanians are the lazy, ignorant greeks who are jealous that Albanian do better than them!

    6. As a matter of fact my best friend is Greek! Her father was found dead in his own home, and she says that her neifhneighbors put the blame on Albanians who live around there, but she says until they find the real killers im not going to blame anyone, i dont care whether its Albanian or greek, and im not going to hate the rest of Albabiai’ one doesn’t make Albania,just like one greek doesnt represent Greece! And she hangs out with me all the time and always invites me on events in her home! She also.says Aurora i dont care whether im greek or not, we greeks are not any better, we always blame others for our mistakes! So no, i dont hate the Greeks Hanzs, but the one who really give us reason to hate

    7. I wonder what would have happened if he was untied and the guard would enter in the cell one by one like real Europeans and not in a gang like Ethiopians or Mexicans.

    8. I do not understand why there is this assumption that the prisoner killing the guard is accepted by Albanians or by anyone that has knowledge of this story?!!! No one is arguing that he was not a criminal according to what we know. However the system is in place for a reason right? The shock has gripped many because the tortures upon this prisoner were racially motivated more than the act committed by the prisoner. I do not think they would have reacted the same way had he not been Albanian. Also, the fact that all the guards contributed collectively where no one protested to what was being done is disturbing. How does them avenging the guards death make them less of a criminal than the one they killed.?
      They have taken the right from the guards family also to face the person responsible for their loss.


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