Thebes: Ancient Priceless Coins Found in Burglar’s House

ancient coinsGreek police have uncovered a priceless treasure while searching the home of a 29-year-old man who had recently committed at least six burglaries around Thebes. One gold and three silver coins were recovered and police are conducting an investigation to determine whether the coins came from illegal excavations or belonged to one of the burglary victims.

According to an official of the ninth department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Thebes, the ancient coins are dated to the Hellenistic period and their value cannot be estimated. Furthermore, police also seized nine gold coins from different countries, 127 Greek golden sovereigns old and new, 12,000 euros in cash, eight watches and three pocket watches, two gold rings, two gold plates and a faux-bijoux ring.

The items will be kept until their rightful owners can retrieve them, while police are considering the fact that the 29-year-old might have been party to other similar thefts. The suspect was not arrested, however, although a file was submitted to the Attorney of Thebes for robbery and violation of laws protecting antiquities.


  1. The thief was not arrested although stolen goods other than the questionable origin of the coins were found in his home? Okay, was the 29 year old Bulgar legally in the country? Either he turns in others in the theft ring or should be currently residing in jail or illegal detention center but certainly not free to ply his trade on new victims..