UNICEF: Hundreds of Greek Children Living in Poverty

Greek children in poverty

A UNICEF report has revealed the devastating effect on children of the financial crisis in Greece. The sharp end of welfare cuts, unemployment, economic deprivation and poor access to health care are all detailed in the “The Status of Children in Greece 2013”, released Thursday, by the Greek National Committee of UNICEF in collaboration with University of Athens.

In Greece, in 2012, 465,000 (23.7%) of children were living in poverty, up slightly (0.7%) on 2011, with 686,000 (35.4%) facing the risk of poverty or social exclusion, up from 30.4% in 2011. The number of children were living in unemployed households numbered 292,000 in 2012, up by 70% or 204,000 since 2008. The rate of foreign children living in poverty in 2o12 reached 53.1% from 49.6% in 2011.

The living conditions of children in Greece has worsened, as 74.1% of poor households with children have reported that they can’t cover their basic needs. The report showed that many families have difficulties in paying utility bills or loans, with the number of children going without a healthy diet including meat or fish more than doubling from 2010 to 2011 to reach 44.3%. In addition, in 2012, 86.5% of poor households with children revealed that they couldn’t afford a week’s holiday.

According to the report, social security benefits decreased by 4.9% in 2011 compared with 2009. It is estimated that a significant number of children in Greece have no access to medical care as their parents are uninsured.

Extended adolescence is another outcome of the Greek crisis. The high rates of poverty and increasing unemployment among 16-24 year-olds lead to a high economic dependency on parents.


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  3. Yes, hundreds of Greek children do live in poverty…How can anyone live with 2 Euro per hour or 586 Euro minimum wage when living standards are high??? Now in Greece skilled or unskilled are paid 2 Euro per hour or the minimum wage of 586 Euro per month before Tax…Yes now Greece is a poor country and Greeks are suffering not just children…

  4. Greece was never a rich country. Greece was and is a poor country.
    All the wars and enemies did not hide that this was coming, nothing was hidden.
    When Greece started to look like a European country, all of Greece said this is good enough. Nothing was done to stop the extremist politics getting in the way of economic development.
    The socialist dream in Greece is for God to deliver the bread every morning without anyone doing any hard work.
    Greeks do not look after each other, but they expect other countries to act to make things easy, or not steal from them. I cannot comprehend what dreamland modern Greece lives in.
    The delusion of grandeur of Greeks is very weird, when the whole country cannot design a simple modern toilet, and, they are too arrogant to learn from others. What is the mania for pumping raw sewerage everywhere? What is the mania for living in a rubbish heap? What is the mania for destroying the water supply?
    If Greeks want more bread and a new shirt, they will have to produce something, and, even save money. The big lie that tourism brings in money has to be seen for what it is. Greek tourism is an economic flop, and, an enviromental grand disaster.
    Greece growing low value agricultural products is madness, when it has so little land area, and refuses to supply goods that will give a very profitable return.
    Greece needs another 3 million jobs, and, another 2 million educated people. The money spend on Tourism has to be stopped, and, channelled towards the education sector. An Engineer even in Greece can earn as much as 100 euro an hour, uneducated Greeks are earning as little 2 euros an hour.
    It takes most countries twenty years of peace to allow development to start, Greece has had 50 years.
    Greece must bury the economic Stalinists and Fascists, and, start work.
    Childrn going hungry in Greece is a shame that can not be excused, or, blamed on any else but every Greek. The poverty in Greece is the fault of every one, that stood back and allowed the wolfs a free hand.
    Greece must have 70% of its population at work, and, for more than 8 hours a day.
    Anyone who does not like to work, does not have to go work, as long as they pay all their taxes.

  5. You are an ignorant bigot.You talk nonsense .Greeks do not suffer from the illusion of grandeur.They are superior by international consensus.Greece have the most educated people in the western world and 0% illiteracy.This is the reason our young people are literally grubbed by other countries for jobs.Because they are clever talented and extremely well educated.And you are an insignificant little upstart and very envious individual who tries to smear a nation that achieved so much and gave so much to to the humanities than any other nation in the world from ancient till modern times.Eat sour grapes.


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