Romanian Inmate Attacks Prison Guard


A prison guard in Greece at Trikala prison on Monday morning was attacked with a makeshift knife by an inmate of Romanian origin.

Other prison officers managed to save their colleague and disarm the prisoner, who is serving a sentence for manslaughter.

The Romanian prisoner claimed to have been wronged by the system.

The incident took place shortly after 8pm, during a regular check of the cells, but eventually involved five prison officers and six external guards.

While a prison officer was checking the integrity of the cell bars, the Romanian pulled the makeshift knife, which he had built from a tin, grabbed the guard’s hand and in a state of rage started screaming “I don’t understand anything, I’ll kill you, the system wronged me.”

Eventually, the rest of the prison officers intervened and managed to convince the lifer to release their colleague and hand over the makeshift knife, which he claimed to have only to peel his fruits.

After the incident, the prisoner’s jail term was extended by two years.