The Best Workplaces in Greece

best workplaceAlthough the financial crisis has caused great damages to the Greek labor market and the labor relations, there are still some shining exceptions.

The Great Place to Work Institute Hellas for the 12th consecutive year, presented 24 companies with the best workplace in Greece. The 2014 Best Workplaces Hellas list, created by Great Place to Work Institute Hellas with the academic cooperation of ALBA Graduate Business School, was released on April, 6.

Great Place to Work Institute Hellas honored the companies that reward their employees, organize collective activities that enhance the positive psychology of the personnel and focus on the systematic education of the employees. The list includes three categories: 10 best workplaces with 250+ employees, 10 best workplaces with 50 – 250 employees and 4 best workplaces with 20-49 employees.

The Best Workplaces Hellas 2014 survey included 54 companies, while an anonymous questionnaire was sent to almost 11,000 employees.

250+ employees: Mondelez BU Greece, Pfizer Hellas, Papastratos AVES, Diamantis Masoutis S.A. SuperMarkets, Nestlé Hellas, PepsiCo-Tasty Foods, Schneider Electric, Mitera, General, Maternity/Gynaecological & Paediatric Clinic, V. Kafkas SA, Dixons South-East Europe (Kotsovolos)

50-250 employees: JTI, SAS Institute, Hellas Direct, Xerox Hellas, Edenred, Microsoft Hellas, Mars Hellas, Royal Canin Hellas, Diageo Hellas, Amgen Hellas, Barilla Hellas, Roche Hellas, Genesis Pharma, Data Communication

20-49 employees: SAS Institute, Hellas Direct, Edenred, Royal Canin Hellas


  1. At the rate things are going here, there may not be many business firms left in Greece to nominate for this presigious distinction. With the recent report that half of the small businesses in the country are preparing to close down–we better hope these multi-national firms who can afford the profit losses and stay affloat will continue to be lodged here.

    It is interesting that in 40 years of “governance” which the people generally trusted up until the last 5 years, setting up a better infrstructure for new businesses, research and development, rewarding entrepreneurs, and bringing back a robust manufacturing sector was never implemented. One has to ask what better priorities there are/were for a country in this competitive world than sustainable, rejuventing markets?

    Perhaps those dynasties in charge of the store were just too busy filling their pockets and catering to crony capitalists to bother with something so basic as preserving the society at large.

  2. Yeah Masoutis is great all right especially if you are working in my neighborhood. The cassier and the clients were robed with a threat of a guan and what Masoutis did? Put fake cameras. Masoutis didn’t even bother to compensate the clients (thanks a lot I got to spend my weekend without money) and of course he has never bothered to put security guard for the workers… and yet he is still there for a second year….I call it Stocholm Syndrome. In other words my boss should have also been there…We are only unpaid for the last 2 years

  3. I work for 2 Euro per hour, can I get rewarded for just working for 2 Euro per hour???