Gender Discrimination in the Greek Workplace up 25%


A report by by the Greek Ombudsman on gender equality in labor relations has found a 25 percent increase in gender discrimination in the workplace.

According to the report, “there is a clear reflection of the crisis and its consequences in terms of both labor and women’s employment and in terms of the increased need for protection of motherhood and family.”

The study correlates the drop in womens’ complaints about unequal access to employment over the past three years to the very high rates of female unemployment.

With regards to post-natal leave entitled to parents, in the public sector, men have increased their complaints addressed to the independent authority on issues of equal treatment, noting the reluctance of some employers to harmonize an equal treatment of the sexes in this respect.

Furthermore, many female workers in the public sector who were to take leave or were already on pregnancy or maternity leave addressed the Ombudsman for clarification on the issue of their availability to work.