Ten Years Imprisonment for Makis Psomiadis

Makis PsomiadisThe businessman Makis Psomiadis, former owner of AEK FC, was sentenced to a non-suspended and non-redeemable 10-year imprisonment for the embezzlement of 21.5 million euros from AEK FC when he was in charge of the team about 10 years ago.

Charilaos Psomiadis, cousin of Makis Psomiadis and former CEO of AEK FC, was also sentenced to a suspended 5-year imprisonment, along with Filio Georgiou, AEK FC’s former accountant, who was sentenced to a suspended 4 years in prison. Both defendants were found guilty of embezzlement, conspiracy and money-laundering. Moreover, another defendant, Antonis Katsaros, who had been recently arrested, was also sentenced to 8 years in prison.

However, the former chairman of AEK FC, Charilaos Psomiadis, was acquitted of charges.

It should be stressed that, according to the prosecutor, all defendants should have been declared guilty of charges.


  1. And now begins the backroom negotiations to keep them all out on the streets. When it comes to crime and punishment in this land, “money talks and bullsh*t walks.”

  2. Judging from the dearth of insightful comments on here lately (yours being the exception). . . I seriously doubt it.