Ex-Minister Papantoniou and Wife Released on Bail

    papantoniouFormer Greek Defense Minister Yannos Papantoniou, accused of falsely declaring his wealth – a first-degree felony – was released on 100,000 euros bail. His wife Stavroula Kourakou, also accused of tax evasion, was released on 50,000 euros bail.

    Papantoniou appeared on the so-called Lagarde List scandal investigated by a parliamentary committee. A probe into the couple’s assets revealed 1.3 million euros in the Geneva branch of HSBC. Initially, the former PASOK minister denied the accusations, but later claimed that it was his wife’s personal account and that he didn’t know anything about its existence. He said his wife had never informed him about the account, into which her former husband had deposited money for their children.

    Yannos Papantoniou is also involved in an armament and bribery scandal exposed earlier this year. Authorities are investigating all the contracts he supervised during his term in office in the Defense Ministry, especially those pertaining to purchases of equipment.

    The scandal was revealed after former Greek Defense Ministry deputy director of armaments Antonis Kantas testified to taking nearly 12 million euros in bribes to approve contracts for foreign arms manufacturers.