Greece to Fire Thousands of State Workers

    civil servantsGreece’s Minister of Administrative Reform, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said on Wednesday that the government will proceed with the dismissal of thousands of civil servants who are suspected of not being hired legally. A ministry’s internal audit in March showed that many public sector employees were hired on the basis of forged degree certificates or other fake qualifications.

    Moreover, according to the Minister, there will be a permanent mobility scheme that will include both voluntary and compulsory transfers of civil servants contributing to the state’s flexibility and efficiency.

    As part of the reforms introduced by the Ministry of Administrative Reform, 25,000 civil servants have been placed in an availability scheme. However, the government hasn’t yet proceeded with placements. So far there is no assurance that the employees who lost their jobs will return, which leaves the road of dismissal open.

    Eurogroup: 25,000 civil servants in mobility for 6.3 billion euros
    The president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, stated on April 7, that before the release of the new aid package to Greece that amounts to 6.3 billion euros, the government should proceed to a series of reforms including: measures for the improvement of public finances and the tackle of corruption, privatization and  tax reforms.

    Eurogroup’s President reported that the placement of 25,000 civil servants in a mobility scheme is necessary for the disbursement of the new aid package. Meanwhile, the Greek government has intentions to proceed with 2,000 dismissals in the first quarter of 2015.