lnt’l Media: Diverse Takes on Explosion in Central Athens (video)

car bomb

The news of the terrorist attack in the heart of Athens after a car bomb exploded outside the Bank of Greece is spreading around the world. The Bank’s location was at the intersection of Amerikis street and Panepistimiou. News from Greece is a top priority for the international media like Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Telegraph, Guardian, Associated Press, Russia Today and Huffington Post.

The latest events in Greece are of course never absent from the German media, which is now focusing on the correlation of the explosion to Angela Merkel’s visit to Athens.

Media from around the world presented the explosion in the center of Athens using various titles as shown below:

Reuters: Car bomb explodes outside a Greek central bank building, no injuries

Wall Street Journal: Bomb explodes outside Bank of Greece

Telegraph: Car bomb detonated outside Bank of Greece in Athens

Guardian: Bank of Greece hit by a car bomb

BBC: Bomb blast outside bank of Greece

Huffington Post: Car bomb explodes outside Bank of Greece

Russia Today: Car bomb explodes outside Bank of Greece in Athens

Handelsblatt: One day before Merkel’s visit – Car bomb explodes near Greek central bank

Spiegel: Car bomb explodes near Greek central bank

La Vanguardia: Car bomb attack on a bank in Athens



  1. Yeah and then furloughed out 6 or 7 times until they get the message it’s OK to not return to jail for good.

    Come on, Ali. These guys aren’t really a menace to society–otherwise their friend would have been kept in the Korydallos Hotel and Spa. True justice? You’re dreamin, man.

  2. Were it only so. Do some research on how many brutal criminals have escaped the Greek prisons over the years. Do you think that is just bad luck? What do you think the going rate today is for a mafia member to pay for hi8s incarcerated friends cell door to be “accidentally” left unlocked. Or for the guards not to do anything until after that private helicopter hover the prison has already descended and picked up a “guest.”?

    The prison system you want so badly to “cage” terrorist criminals, has allowed them instead of being kept in solitary confinement (as most countries would). allowed them to meet with other dangerous members from other groups while in prison to converse. Ten we learn after a bomb-making convicted murder is let out on furlough for the 6th time, he decides to not return. Hmmmmm. Seems like he finally got the hint from somebody.

    Now we have a new bomber out on the streets of Athens blowing the same banks he used to. Hmmmmmmmm. Is that the justice your were hoping for, Ms Ali?

    Come back to the Greece you love from the outside. I want to hear YOUR rants after just one week.