Greek Kiosks Becoming Extinct

peripteraThe renowned Greek kiosks (periptera) will soon become extinct due to the implementation of the new multi-bill by the Greek government.

According to a provision of the new multi-bill when a kiosk closes or its owner dies, the operating license of the kiosk can no longer be transferred to anyone. This decision has caused intense reactions, especially among SYRIZA members, as this provision will lead to the extinction of the traditional small city businesses.

Greek citizens also expressed their opinion on the matter via various social networks. The majority of them were surprised by the decision, while others expressed their strong disagreement and concern for the future of the kiosk businesses.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of Athens, Greece, an operation for the removal of abandoned kiosks is being held. A total of 300 kiosks which have been closed either due to the financial crisis or because their owners have died, will be removed from the sidewalks of Athens.

According to the Vice-Mayor of Athens Andreas Varelas, 1,080 kiosks are located in Athens, half of which are now closed and 300 of them have been declared abandoned. They need to be immediately demolished as they currently serve as drug user and homeless spots or even as public toilets, posing a threat to public health. The municipality of Athens has removed 90 kiosks up until today.