Prosecutor Delays Deposition of Nigrita Prison Guard

kareli_prisonState prosecutor in Serres, northern Greece, Georgia Toutoumtzi, on Friday postponed the deposition of a Nigrita prison guard linked with the death of Albanian inmate Ilia Kareli last month. This decision was taken because the guard claims to have left the prison before Kareli arrived.

Mrs. Toutountzi said the guard, whose name has not made public, must provide enough evidence to substantiate his claim. Another six of the 15 guards charged with involvement in Kareli’s death will face the prosecutor on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the 13-page medical report forwarded to the prosecutor puts Kareli’s death down to severe injuries caused by the guards who brutally beat him and then tortured him until he died, perhaps compounded by a pre-existing critical heart condition. His toxicology test was negative.

Meanwhile, an urban guerrilla group calling itself “Nihilists – Gangs of Revenge” has claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s grenade attack on the car of a prison guard in Aegaleo, west of Athens. In their proclamation on the internet on Friday, the group said their act was carried out in memory of Ilia Kareli as a warning to all the guards involved in the torture of the Albanian inmate.


  1. And so it goes. . . and will continue to go. One day it’s racism, then vendettas, then follow the “dogs of war.”

    “Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to relive it.”