Golden Dawn Threatens to Publish More Controversial Videos


Ilias Panagiotaros, Golden Dawn’s MP and candidate for the governor of Attica region, has warned that the neo-Nazi party has more videos like the one of Kasidiaris-Baltakos, which caused such outrage in Greece last week.

“They think that they can stop us from telling the truth by restricting us. They should know that we are going to publish new videos,” said Panagiotaros during the presentation of the “Greek Dawn” ticket for the upcoming local elections.

Ilias Kasidiaris, Golden Dawn MP and candidate for mayor of Athens, also made provocative statements. He did not hesitate to talk about electoral fraud, and called upon the party faithful to “guard” the ballot box.

Letters from the Golden Dawn MPs in pre-trial custody were read during the event. Giannis Lagos’ letter was particularly full of hatred and rage.


  1. Χρυσή Αυγή is engaged in a struggle to the finish against these two crime syndicates, New Democracy & PASOK, which masquerade as political parties. Panayiotis Baltakos, the top aide of Samaras admitted in the video that Samaras devised a crude strategy of preventing the Hellenic electorate from voting for Golden Dawn by ordering the arrest of Golden Dawn MP’s, & subsequently outlawing the party. So Samaras is ultimately commiting a crime against the Hellenic electorate. The overwhelming majority of the Hellenic people now understand that this prosecution of Golden Dawn is politically motivated, and that Samaras is trying to limit their voting options.

    According to Baltakos, the Venizelos-Samaras Junta pressured the judicial system to arrest Golden Dawns MP’s without a shred of evidence. Unfortunately state prosecutors and judges followed the orders given to them by the ruling New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime. On May 18, and May 25 the Hellenic people will deliver a harsh judgement against the criminal Venizelos-Samaras Junta! May is coming!

  2. and thousands of videos, photographs, text messages, emails and testimonies show that GD are neo-Nazi. Misunderstand that at your peril.

  3. Golden Dawn define themselves as Nationalists and as Hellenic Patriots, it is the Leftist-Marxist dominated media in Greece that describes Golden Dawn as a neo-Nazi party. Adhering to the political ideology of National Socialism is not illegal in Greece. A Hellenic citizen can shout Heil Hitler a thousand times in Greece and it won’t earn him or her a single day in prison. On the other hand Golden Dawn possesses videos implicating the New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime, and specifically Samaras, Athanassiou, and Dendias in illegal interference in the Hellenic judicial system. These crimes are punishable by lengthy terms of imprisonment.

  4. hahahaha golden dawn with an Albanian in their party
    the man in the photo his real name Robert Haidi and Karoulos papulias is Greece President haha, joke of country, and Venizelos is a turk haha

  5. Google search Golden Dawn and see how many headlines are couched with the words Nazi, neo-Nazi, Fascist, and neo-Fascist. You will see every one is intended to give the reader a pre-disposed negative opinion. All have been written by and for the “tolerant” Left. Now search SYRIZA and see how many are couched with the Communist, Stalinist or for that matter ANY derogatory description whatsoever. Almost none or none at all. Hardly surprising the tolerant Left is proving to be anything but that. This includes ND which is anything but conservative, tolerant or fair.

  6. Here’s an example from only two days ago, right here at Greek Reporter:

    New Democracy is first with 21.4 percent while the major opposition party, SYRIZA, is second with 21.2 percent. The newly-founded political party, To Potami stands in third with 10.3 percent. The Greece ‘s neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, comes fourth with 6.1 percent followed by the Greek Communist Party (KKE) at 5.2 percent.


    Other parties are described only as a “major opposition party” and a “newly-funded political party”, but no slurs or smears are used. Even SYRIZA is not described as a “radical Leftist party” (though by SYRIZA’s own name that is exactly what they are). The hypocrisy is staggering and I hope Greeks see through it next month. Every nationalist in the West is rooting for Greece.

  7. both google searches reveal the exact same results through 5 pages. “far left” for syriza and “far right” for golden dawn. both accurate, though ironically the morons from both parties don’t realize how similar they are especially when it comes to economic policy, or lack thereof

    Golden Dawn’s affiliation for n-zism and Hitler is much more pronounced and real than any other party’s affiliation for their ideology and past leader’s

    these are separate issues from ND/PASOK’s treason.

    that there’s a political party out there with PMs with “heil hitler” tatoos, among other things, and that praises n-zis and hitler, who killed directly or indirectly 1 mln Greeks and wreaked major havoc on Greece in WW2 and the subsequent civil war caused by the power vacuum is a total and utter disgrace.

    don’t fool yourself. these are not Greeks as you cannot be both a n-zi and a Greek at the same time.

    never forget

  8. Let us also never forget following the departure of the occupying forces came the calamity of the civil war. Now we see the picture of Che’ hanging in SYRIZA’s office Tsipras’ youngest son’s middle name Ernesto honoring the Argentine butcher and we are not concerned or predisposed to state the obvious fearing reprisals from radicals. How many have died at the hands of Leftists or Rightist makes little difference to the grieving families. Like many Greek families mine is not an exception to tragic loss. My argument is with those that lace the news with opinions thinking readers are oblivious but in fact may soon have a rude awakening and a dose of reality following the May elections. As I see it either way the election goes more harsh medicine will be dispensed.

  9. For awhile the news-opinions were almost rabid especially as GD rose in stature. They have taken a brief hiatus as their comfort level improved with every GD MP thrown in jail. Rest assured they will pick up where they left off paying greater attention to every minutia of inconsequential news while largely ignoring the growing threat of anarchists.