Blast Outside former Greek Defense Ministry Official

    sbokosA minor explosive device went off on Wednesday evening outside the northern Athens suburb residence of a former Defense Ministry official who has been convicted for a major corruption scandal, police said.
    The blast caused small material damage, but no injuries.

    According to sources from counter-terrorism police who are conducting an investigation, at the time of the explosion only a housemaid was inside the house.
    The device was planted at the entrance of the residence of  Yannis Sbokos, who was convicted to 16 years in prison last year for receiving kickbacks for armaments procurement programs while in office.

    Sbokos had served as General Secretary at the Defense Ministry 15 years ago. He was a close aide of former Defense Minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos who has been handed a 20-year sentence for taking kickbacks and money laundering in the same case which concerns the purchase of German submarines and Russian missiles.

    Last week a strong bomb blast hit the headquarters of Greece ‘s Central Bank in the Athens city centre, causing material damage.
    (source: Xinhua)


    1. So is the gentleman safely in prison serving his term of 16 years? Or is he out on a furlough with the bomb-makers, running the risk of dangerous incounters?

      Perhaps they BOTH should be back in their surrogate homes, making all of our own lives much safer.


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