Golden Dawn Hands Out ‘Greeks-Only’ Easter Meals

Golden Dawn-foodGolden Dawn distributed food to needy Greeks who could prove themselves as such outside the ultra-nationalist party’s Athens headquarters on Thursday morning.

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris said: “Our “terrorist organisation” is organising food distributions instead of having fun in villas.” When asked about a possible lifting of his parliamentary immunity, Kasidiaris merely wished the judges a happy Easter in response.

After the release of the secretly filmed video showing former cabinet secretary Panayiotis Baltakos in a “friendly”conversation with Ilias Kasidiaris, Greek Parliament and judicial authorities have proposed lifting Kasidiaris’ parliamentary immunity on charges of making and using an illegal recording. He is also accused of setting up a criminal organisation and illegal weapons possession. 

Golden Dawn’s ‘Greeks-only’ food distributions have drawn widespread reactions over the party’s racist policies. In May 2013, Athens Mayor George Kaminis banned a soup kitchen organized by Golden Dawn and described the initiative as a “soup kitchen of hatred.” Piraeus Mayor, Vasilis Michaloliakos did likewise on December 20, 2013.


  1. Golden Dawns charity to the suffering Hellenic people singles them out as a unique political movement. Every Golden Dawn MP allocates a sizeable percentage of their monthly salary, I believe its 1/3 or 1/2 of their income to the party coffers which is subsequently used to fund charity drives for Hellenic citizens. No other political party on Earth requires its MP’s to give a significant percentage of their monthly salary for charitable purposes. It’s worth noting that New Democracy and PASOK, which together owe €250 million to state banks, (€250 million that Hellenic taxpayers have to pay off) have cut off state funding to Golden Dawn. They did this in collusion with SYRIZA, DIMAR, KKE and ANEL. A great big thank you to the MP’s and supporters of Golden Dawn for assisting suffering, poverty stricken Hellenic families this Easter!

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  3. The person calling himself “Twopenceworth” has admitted to me on Greek reporter that he is of mixed-race background. He has not specified what his “non-White” ancestry is, but he is definitely part “non-White” by his own admission, therefore he could care less about the sacrifice of the Spartan King Leonidas, in his valiant stand at Thermopylae to keep the 3rd world Persian hordes out of Europe.

  4. I did not “admit” that I was mixed race as if it was some guilty secret. I stated it in a comment. You do not know what my background is exactly but it seems you can write me off in your own mind (and in your friends) because of it. Your obsession with all things “white” and “pure” blinds you to the fact that human beings have been mixing since we started migrating. That’s why we survived as a human race. Get over it.