Nikos Dimou Says ‘Holy Fire’ Jet Flight Is Waste of Money

Nikos Dimou_Holy FireThe Greek writer Nikos Dimou suggested on Wednesday that since the Holy Fire, which is brought every Holy Saturday from Jerusalem, is not a result of a miracle, then Greece should stop spending money on hiring a jet to bring it to the Greek capital, Athens.

Greek politicians from various political parties such as New Democracy, Independent Greeks as well as the Greek Communist Party (KKE) lambasted the Greek writer for questioning traditional customs that have been a significant part of Greek history and religion. Indeed, KKE’s MP Liana Kanelli referred to Nikos Dimou “as an Easter attraction, like Ben Hur on TV.”

In an attempt to strengthen his point, Mr. Dimou in an article stressed that Christ would have preferred to help the poor rather than pay to transport the Holy Fire from the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem to Greece.

As Mr. Dimou appears to be one of the highest supporters of the new Greek political party To Potami, which was recently formed by the journalist Stavros Theodorakis, the writer’s suggestions on the Holy Fire transportation took a political turn.

Mr. Theodorakis defended the writer’s right to express his opinion on the matter highlighting that “I am running to become a politician, not a bishop. We should not seek to take advantage of people’s faith. It is not right for politicians to play on people’s religious sentiment.”

According to Orthodox Christianity, every year on Holy Saturday in Christ’s tomb, the Holy Fire appears, lighting the candles of a small group of priests who gather there to harvest the Holy Fire by bringing it to Athens and for distribution to Greek churches.



  1. Yet another attempt by a Leftist politician (most likely an atheist) trying to derail Orthodox Christian traditions in a nation where 97% of Greece’s citizens are baptised members of the Greek Orthodox Church. According to the program of Golden Dawn, Golden Dawn is opposed to church-state separation. Golden Dawn seeks to restore the prestige of the Church and to remove all the decadent and pro-globalist members of the clergy. Members of the clergy who are discovered to be Freemasons will be removed. Religions such as Talmudic Judaism, that offend Greek Orthodox Christianity, tradition, and damage the strength of the nation will be banned.
    Greek Orthodoxy reborn once again, will be a pioneer in the struggles of the nation.